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Michael Bloomberg

Bloomberg Camp Blames Sanders For String of Vandalism

Bloomberg’s presidential campaign offices across the country have been defaced by vandals — which his office blames on Sen. Bernie Sanders’ “hateful rhetoric.”

Twitter Suspends 70 pro-Bloomberg accounts for ‘platform manipulation’

A novel strategy used by the Bloomberg campaign in which a large number of Twitter accounts would push out identical messages — hasn't gone they way Mayor Mike had planned.

Bloomberg: Trump Won Democratic Debate

After last night's brutal performance by all of the Democratic candidates, Michael Bloomberg admitted what none of the other candidates had the courage to...

Did Bloomberg Buy Endorsements?

According to a New York Times report, Michael Bloomberg increased his personal donations to various causes to the tune of $3.3 billion in 2019.

Latest news

Rock Stars ‘Protest Anthem’ To Combat Gov’t Lockdowns’ ‘Existential Threat’

World-famous rock stars Van Morrison and Eric Clapton are singing the coronavirus blues. Two of the most iconic classic rock stars are teaming together...

Criminals and Coronavirus: FBI Warns of Email Scam

Fraudulent schemes centered around COVID-19 are becoming more and more prevalent. From selling negative tests on the black market to stolen vaccine intellectual property,...

Twitter Suspends ‘Expert Witness’ Same Day As Testimony in Arizona Election Integrity Hearing

Big tech company Twitter has made its bias unambiguously clear by suspending not one, but two Twitter accounts of individuals who have been involved...

‘This Is the Tipping Point’ Tweets CA Gov Newsom As More ‘Drastic Actions’ To Come

California residents who feel coronavirus restrictions have greatly impeded their livelihood are likely in for even further impediment. In fact, California Governor Gavin Newsom...

UK Poll Finds Over 55% Believe BLM Has Increased Racial Tension

Democrats and leaders of the party have been blaming President Trump and the conservative party for all things negatively related to race relations since...
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