Sen. Rubio: My Office Will Help BLM Move To Cuba

During a Fox News town hall in Miami with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, Rep. Maria Salazar (R-FL), and Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), Rubio announced that his office is willing to help Black Lives Matter emigrate to Cuba.

“You know, I think back, there was a time in this country when Ronald Reagan supported the freedom fighters in Nicaragua to fight their own battle,” Fox News anchor Sean Hannity said. “But they were fighting for the freedom movement there. And beyond the internet, which is brilliant, we need communication, should that be on the table? The Miami mayor even said very aggressively, what are your thoughts, Senator?”

“Well, I mean, the first thing is, it took Biden 24 hours just to issue a statement and then another 72 hours to say a second thing,” Rubio responded.“And then they did some Zoom call with some people and then came back with some third-weekend statement. So I don’t think you can — right now, we can’t even get him to do the internet, how are we going to get him to do anything else? It’s a real challenge here with all of this.”

“By the way, if you missed Senator Rubio’s Twitter timeline, it was, it’s now 8:30, not a word from Biden, it’s now 10:10, not a word from Biden,” Hannity said. “I mean, I really think singlehandedly you embarrassed him into finally making a statement.”

“Yes, it’s just not a priority for them,” Rubio said. “And you have to understand, again, there is a segment of his voting base that actually thinks the regime is good, that actually brags about the regime.”

“People that openly say it. I mean, the Black Lives Matter Foundation said that how great,” Rubio continued. “And I said that’s great, my office will help the Black Lives Matter Foundation emigrate to Cuba. We stand ready to help out.”

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