Sen. Johnson: Hunter Biden ‘Disinformation Campaign’ In 2020 Election Worse Than Anything Russia Could Have Done

During an interview over the weekend, Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) discussed the time during the 2020 presidential debates when U.S. intelligence officials signed a letter falsely claiming that the Hunter Biden laptop story “bears the hallmarks of Russian disinformation.” Johnson called the letter a “disinformation campaign” worse than anything Russia or China could have done to influence the results of the election.

“Mike Morell took his oath and said I was the CIA guy. I rounded up the 51 Intel experts to sign off and say the Hunter Biden laptop was classic Russian disinformation. I was asked to do it by and Antony Blinken. So they were behind it. Almost none of those people read it from Leon Panetta or watched it from Leon Panetta on down. And the implication was catastrophic for the sanctity of this election. This surprised you, why?” Fox News host Brian Kilmeade asked.

“I thought it was probably Clapper or Brennan,” Johnson said. “It really didn’t surprise me that it was Morell, I just didn’t know who it was. I knew it was obviously a setup. Remember, the FBI knew that the Hunter Biden laptop was real. They had it in their possession since December 2019. They went and they pre-sabotaged just in case Mr. McIsaac would ever have the courage to make that public.”

“Senator, [then-candidate Biden] told the country something he knew was false. He knew it was his son’s laptop. No one picked up the phone to say, ‘Joe, before I sign my name on this, is this your son’s laptop?’” Kilmeade said. 

“These emails look real, the text messages look authentic. It sounds like you. Not one person did it. They signed their names and gave away their credibility. Final thought, because the impact of that debate was catastrophic for Trump,” Kilmeade added.

‘Candidate Biden lied about that. He lied that he never talked to his sign about his overseas business connection,” Johnson replied “That letter that claimed the computer had the earmarks of a Russian [dis]information campaign was an [dis]information campaign perpetrated by U.S. intelligence officials interfered in our election to a far greater extent than anything Russia or China could have ever done or could do to our election and we are suffering the results of the Biden administration destroying this country.”

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