Russian Missile Hits Crowded Shopping Center In Ukraine

A Russian missile hit a shopping center in Kremenchuk, Ukraine, on Monday, killing at least 10 people and wounding dozens more. Around a thousand civilians were estimated to be in the building at the time of the strike.

“The occupiers launched a missile strike at shopping center. There were more than a thousand civilians. The mall is on fire, rescuers are extinguishing fire, number of victims is unimaginable,” Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said.

The shopping center had posed “no danger to the Russian army,” Zelensky said on Telegram. “No strategic value. Only the attempt of people to live a normal life, which so angers the occupiers.”

“The strike on Kremenchuk came after Russia, in a sudden escalation, fired more than 65 missiles at Ukraine over the weekend. On Monday, a strike in the northeastern city of Kharkiv killed four people and wounded 19, according to the local authorities,” The New York Times reported.

According to The New York Times, Anton Gerashchenko, an adviser to Ukraine’s interior minister, visited the site of the attack and posted videos on Telegram of himself standing in front of a smoking pile of rubble as rescue workers searched for survivors.

“See what the Amstor shopping center has turned into,” Gerashchenko wrote in a caption, “which thousands in Kremenchuk loved to visit.”

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