Progressives Angered by Corporate Ties of Incoming Biden Officials

Biden Phone

Progressives wanted a Democrat in office, and they’re already complaining about Biden’s decisions. Biden is utilizing officials with corporate ties to help him make the transition into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. The Daily Caller reports “Biden’s advisory team helping his transition with White House’s Office of Management and Budget” includes “executives from Amazon Web Services, Lyft” and Airbnb.

Progressive groups including Demand Justice, Public Citizen and the Sunrise Movement urged Biden to “decline to nominate or hire corporate executives, lobbyists and prominent corporate consultants.”  The demand was made in a letter in November, making reference to the staunch opposition Democrats’ had over similar nominations made by President Trump.

In the letter, the progressive groups wrote: “The [corporate-government] revolving door limits the trust Americans have in government and have time and time again led to bad policy outcomes.” Therefore, they wrote, “we urge you to take advantage of this unique and historic moment in American history to shut the revolving door and rebuild that trust.”

One of Biden’s top White House advisors and longtime aide has “strong ties to Amazon and its federal lobbying efforts” reports DCNF. The company also “recently hired his brother, Jeff Ricchetti, to lobby on COVID-19 and the implementation of the CARES Act.”

Richetti co-founded the lobbying firm Richetti Inc. after working as deputy chief of staff under President Bill Clinton. Biden’s incoming chief of staff Ron Klain worked with “AOL founder Steve Case in venture capital and warned about the impact government regulation can have on technology start-ups in a 2015 op-ed.”

Biden pulled a fast one over on the progressive groups and voters who believed he would keep corporate money out of politics. DCNF reports, “despite the ties between his developing administration and corporations, Biden took an aggressive stance against lobbyists and special interests during the campaign, pledging to reduce the influence of money in politics, heighten ethical standards, rein in financial conflicts of interest in the Executive Branch and more.”