President Trump Thanks Jeffrey Lord During CPAC Speech

During President Trump’s rousing speech at CPAC this past weekend, he gave a shout out to a special guest in the audience who he considers a close friend. While highlighting the deep state’s effort to remove him from office, he noticed Jeffrey Lord sitting in the audience. He called him out by name and asked him to stand up as the crowd erupted in applause.  Watch below:


President Trump: From the moment I took the oath of office, the left has pursued a relentless crusade to overturn the results of the 2016 election and sabotage our next election. You know that. It was all a big hoax, you know that. Disgraceful. We caught the dirty cop on top. Had I not fired Comey it would have been a whole different story. It would have been a whole different — that was a great firing. A lot of people said you shouldn’t have done that. No, no, just the opposite. If we didn’t fire him, remember the insurance poll circumstance right? Right. Remember that? My friend over there. You are the greatest. Thank you very much. Stand up, please. Look at him. Look at — does everybody know Jeffrey? Jeffrey Lord. What a great guy.

Audience: [ Cheering and applause ]

President Trump: He used to defend me on CNN and then he defended me just a little bit too much and they said Jeffrey, get the Hell out and thank goodness you’re on fox now, right? He used to defend me. He used to say he’s better than Ronald Reagan and that was enough for Jeffrey. That was the end. Get out of here, Jeffrey. We don’t want you anymore. He was too good. Thank you. Thank you for being here too, Jeffrey.