Megyn Kelly Slams Biden For Refusing Super Bowl Interview: He Isn’t ‘Physically’ Capable

Joe Biden

This week, SiriusXM host Megyn Kelly slammed President Biden for refusing to participate in a Super Bowl interview with CBS News, stating that it was because the 81-year-old president was not “physically” capable of talking. 

According to CBS News, Biden had rejected an offer for an interview for 2024’s Super Bowl LVIII on February 11 despite their attempts to negotiate.  

“Last year he could get away with it, because it was Fox,” Kelly said on her show. “Evil Fox, who would sit with them? That would be terrible. And but this year, it’s a different story because it’s CBS. What does he have against CBS? Why won’t he go on CBS?” 

“There’s not even a reason,” she said. “He’s just not going to do it because he won’t sit with the press because he can’t answer hard questions. I don’t mean he doesn’t know the answers. I mean, he physically cannot get the words out.” 

“[MSNBC host Joe Scarborough] is praising Biden, because it was in the news this week that Biden called Trump a ‘sick f***,’” Kelly continued. “He manages to squeeze into this reaction, a defense, he thinks, of Joe Biden’s many verbal gaffes. … I don’t think having a stuttering problem makes you think dead people are alive and alive people are dead.” 

“It’s simply absurd,” she added. 

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