LORD: ‘There is a serious rot underlying the media’

Jeffrey Lord

As we head into the new year, it’s almost comical to look back at the left-wing media coverage in 2020. Jeffrey Lord appeared on The Ingraham Angle to review the worst offenders in the media over the past year.

“I think there is a serious rot that has come to underlie the national, liberal media, mainstream media. All of their standards are just gone with the wind. They’re open partisans and this, in a way, maybe one of President Trump’s biggest services is to out them,” he said.

“Decades ago, there were stories in the Kennedy days, of all days, I’ve gone back and read my history of reporters cheering for John F. Kennedy in the 1960 election and saying they all felt they were soldiers on the way to the new frontier with JFK,” he added.

“The only difference now is, it’s out there. Everybody sees it. The president has helped out them. There is a real rot there and I think they’ve got to do some serious soul searching about this. Not that that’ll happen.”

Perhaps one of the worst media offenses of 2020 was when the liberal media honored a top terrorist just because Trump killed him.

“Let’s just remember when the media thought it was a good thing when the president was Barack Obama and he took out Osama bin Laden and frankly, good for him. They all cheered him on,” Lord said.

“This is just so blatant at this point. If Donald Trump does something, it’s bad. If anybody else does something it’s good and it’s shameful and it, frankly, is damaging their own reputation,” he continued.

Another was when the media failed to admit the George Floyd protests throughout the summer were anything but peaceful.

“What’s always interesting to me is, they don’t care that you can see it,” Lord said. “It’s right there. It’s happening right in front of your own eyes, and yet they’re going to try and tell you that up is down and down is up, and the American people just no longer believe it. They no longer have credibility and seriously, that’s a big problem in the democratic society.”

The media even pushed the narrative that USPS was going to rig the election in Trump’s favor.

“They get to say anything they want and they’re never going to be held to account for it,” Lord urged. “Frankly, Lisa, that’s why conservative media – Rush Limbaugh, Laura, Sean, etc. – came to be, precisely because of this and that’s why they have an audience.”

It is no secret that the liberal media made the Hunter Biden story disappear. They refused to cover anything that would put their president-elect, Joe Biden, in a bad light. Lord warned that the media is playing games with our national security.

“Part of that Hunter Biden story was they want to ignore any and all ties of the Biden’s to China. This is going to have a serious impact if, in fact, Joe Biden takes the oath of office as president. What is going to be our China policy? What is our relationship here? They’re going to play hide the ball on this. This is not acceptable. This is the left-wing media machine playing hide and seek with national security. It’s not good.”

During the 2020 election, the media threw Biden softball after softball – asking easy, pre-selected questions.

“My favorite was, ‘do you like vanilla or chocolate ice cream?’ I’m not making that up. I mean, God Bless Peter Doocy from Fox out there trying to ask serious questions and they don’t want to do it,” he said.

“We’re going to be going through this for the next four years and the media itself is going to have to be held to account. As I say, there is a serious rot underlying the media when it acts like this and it’s not good,” he warned.