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Jim Acosta Condemns Trump for Saying What Jim Acosta Said

[dropcap style=”dropcap_style1″ textcolor=”#000000″ background=”#ffffff” fontweight=”900″]Hello? When President Trump finished his address to the nation, my former CNN colleague Jim Acosta came on to say this to CNN host Chris Cuomo:

“Now why the president would go as far as to describe it as a foreign virus, that is something we’ll also be asking questions about, but it should be pointed out that Stephen Miller, who is an immigration hardliner who advises the president is one of the top domestic policy advisers and speechwriter, was a driving force in writing this speech and I think it is going to come across to a lot of Americans as smacking of xenophobia to use that kind of term in this speech.”

Say what? To say that the coronavirus came from Wuhan, China is now xenophobic? Yes, according to Jim Acosta.


Then how to explain this tweet from ….. Jim Acosta? As noted here at the Media Research Center, on January 23rd of this year, here was this Acosta Tweet:

Jim Acosta Tweet

Not long after, here was this headline from CNN: Report that said Wuhan coronavirus can spread before symptoms was flawed

And note well that Jim is not the only one to suddenly suggest that saying the virus is from China is racist. From Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Congresswomen Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to other House Democrats the race card is now being disgracefully played.

The fact is that when these epidemics or diseases pop up they are invariably named by the geographic location in which they are discovered. From Lyme Disease (named for Lyme, Connecticut) to the Marburg Virus (named for Marburg, Germany) to the West Nile Virus (from West Africa) naming a disease after its place of origin is completely normal and hardly racist. In fact, the World Health Organization itself has pages on its web site calling each of these three diseases/viruses by the name of their first geographic location. Is Jim Acosta saying the WHO is racist?

The American Left, determined to repeatedly and eternally divide America by race for political gain, is at it again.

And in the case of Jim Acosta, there he is accusing the President of xenophobia for doing exactly what both Acosta himself, not to mention his own CNN network, have themselves done.

Ya can’t make it up.

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