Jeffrey Lord Gets Warm Welcome at Trump Rally in Pennsylvania


Former CNN political commentator and Camp Hill resident Jeffrey Lord pulled into the Giant Center in Hershey Tuesday for President Trump’s campaign rally and reached for his wallet to pay the $10 parking fee.

But the driver in front of Lord’s car already paid Lord’s fee, according to the parking attendant. That driver apparently had looked in his rearview mirror and recognized Lord, who was one of Trump’s earliest supporters and among the few political strategists on television explicitly advocating for Trump.

“I parked next to him and thanked him,” said Lord, a former Ronald Reagan White House official who attended the rally as a VIP guest. “That was really nice.”

The warm welcome continued for Lord as he walked across the sprawling parking lot toward the Giant Center, where people stopped to greet him and take photos with him. Lord is widely admired among Trump supporters for representing Trump’s interests on CNN until Lord was fired in 2017.

“You must have the patience of Job,” said Cynthia Lindsey, a Trump rally volunteer who greeted Lord. “I can’t believe some of the things those other television commentators said to you!”

Lord thanked Lindsey for working at the rally and Lindsey thanked Lord “for your service.”

“I drove three hours to be here,” Lindsey told Lord. “I love my president.”

After his controversial exit from CNN, Lord now appears regularly on Fox News as a commentator. He also is a contributing editor for the American Spectator, a conservative news website, and has written a book: Swamp Wars: Donald Trump and The New American Populism vs. The Old Order.

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