ISIS Terrorist Who Killed 13 U.S. Servicemembers Was Freed From Bagram Prison

(Photo by OLIVIER HOSLET/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)

The ISIS-K terrorist who killed 13 U.S. servicemembers and at least 169 Afghan civilians had been freed from Bagram prison after President Biden’s administration directed U.S. forces to abandon the area during Biden’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, according to Firstpost.

“Senior Indian intelligence sources familiar with the case have told Firstpost that he was handed over to the United States’ Central Intelligence Agency by the Research and Analysis Wing in September 2017,” Firstpost reported. “However, the jihadist walked free on 15 August along with thousands of other dangerous terrorists held in the high-security prison, taking advantage of the chaos that ensued in the aftermath of the United State’s hurried exit and the Taliban’s swift takeover of the entire country.”

“Identified as Abdul Rehman, the jihadist was a former student of an engineering college in India and hailed from Afghanistan’s Logar province. He was the son of an Afghan merchant who frequently visited India for business,” Firstpost added. “His arrest had led to the termination of a plot by the Islamic State of Khurasan Province (IS-K) — the Islamic State’s regional wing in Afghanistan — to stage suicide bombings in New Delhi and other cities across the region, probably on the behest of Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence Directorate (ISI).”

An officer who worked on the Abdul Rehman case told Firstpost, “America’s disorganised retreat from Afghanistan has led to hundreds of highly-competent and highly-committed terrorists being set free to rejoin the Islamic State, al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups.”

“Literally a decade’s work on counter-terrorism has been undone by the US’ failure to secure key prisoners in Bagram,” the officer said, adding that the consequences of the Biden administration’s failure will be “very far-reaching.”

After Rehman killed 13 U.S. servicemembers in a suicide bombing, the Biden administration responded with a drone strike on a suspected ISIS member. However, the victim was actually a U.S. aid worker, and the Biden administration’s attack killed 10 civilians, including 7 children, – and zero terrorists.

“The Pentagon admitted Friday that a U.S. drone strike in Kabul, Afghanistan last month killed as many as 10 civilians including up to seven children…” CNBC reported. “The drone strike came on the heels of a suicide bomb attack by the terrorist group ISIS-K that resulted in the deaths of 13 U.S. service members and dozens of Afghans near Hamid Karzai International Airport, where colossal evacuation efforts were underway as the U.S. pulled out from Afghanistan.”