Iran Foreign Minister: Biden ‘More Promising’ For Iran; ‘Under No Circumstances’ Will Negotiate New Nuclear Deal

Joe Biden

If Iran could vote for the next President of the United States, it would choose Joe Biden, and that’s terrifying. In an interview with CBS News this week, Iran’s Foreign Minister Javad Zarif said he believes Joe Biden is “more promising” for Iran. American citizens should want a President who is more promising for the United States, not Iran of all places.

Iran joins China, whose leadership has also expressed a preference for a Biden presidency. When asked which candidate looked better to Zarif he responded, “the statements by the Biden camp have been more promising, but we will have to wait and see. What counts is the behavior.” According to Zarif, the sanctions brought by President Trump have hurt Iran, though it has not sparked regime change or “[brought] Iran to its knees.”

Zarif also discussed the possibility of the United States rejoining the nuclear deal rejected by Trump. Zarif also emphasized “under no circumstances” would Iran be willing to pursue a new nuclear deal with a Biden administration. The Foreign Minister said if they had any interest in pursuing a new nuclear deal Iran would have attempted to negotiate one with the Trump administration.

“We can find a way to re-engage, obviously,” said Zarif. “But,” he added, “re-engagement does not mean renegotiation. It means the U.S. coming back to the negotiating table.” Zarif also denied allegations made by the FBI that Iran had obtained U.S. voter registration information and meddled in the 2020 election. Looks like Iran is already preparing, with a little bit of excitement, to push around a Biden administration.