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Fraud Evidence Piles Up

Affidavits spotlight Michigan fraud


The affidavits supplied by Republican poll observers in Detroit are thorough and detailed. They can be read here.  I’ve read them.  Let’s take a look at some of what these witnesses – say again witnesses – to voter fraud have said, per their legal affidavits.

• There were “many indications of duplicate ballots on the computer screen.” When the poll worker questioned this she was told “they have their own process and don’t interrupt it.” “Each time I would try to move closer to the computer to read better I was shooed and even physically pushed by a poll worker once.

• A birthday was recorded as “1/1/1900” – which would make the “voter” 120 years old.

• “There were several instances in which the poll workers used their bodies to prevent me from watching and observing the ballot counting process.”

• “We could not get close enough to view signature or date on ballot envelope or any pertinent information.”

• “Throughout the day, I witnessed a pattern of intimidation, secrecy, and hostility by the poll workers. Poll workers would cheer, jeer and clap when pol challengers were escorted out of the TCF Center. There seemed to be collaboration between the Democratic poll challengers and the City of Detroit poll workers.”

• I was escorted from the room by police after about 9 or 10 hours of peacefully doing my job for simply standing my ground at a table with people who were denying me access to see ballots and threatening me.

• “When I would try to verify the names on the envelope or check the ballot number against the envelope number to ensure everything was okay, I was given the Covid runaround and separated from the table…”

• “At each counting board, the poll workers attempted to block me from observing. I was verbally abused and intimidated by not only the Democratic poll challengers but the ACLU and other organizations.”

• “I attempted to challenge these (spoiled) ballots to a supervisor and was told ‘We are not talking to you, you cannot challenge this.’”

• “On numerous occasions, I was told by poll workers that I needed to stay six feet from them. When I asked if I could come closer because I could not see the screen to verify whether the voter and ballot numbers matched I was told I could not.”

• “On numerous occasions, I was told I could only stand at the screen while Democrat observers were permitted to move freely around the table.”

• “I checked the voter records for my deceased son’s name (Mark D. Chase) and it showed that he had voted twice since he passed away. Once when he was 38 years old (age he passed away but in July) and once when he was 42 years old which would have been this election.”

These are amazing to read, and there are hundreds of them.

Where is Joe Biden, the guy who says he wants to “unify” and “heel” the nation? He is silent as a church mouse – and one can only assume it is because were he to join forces with Donald Trump to get vote audits and throw out illegal votes it would be revealed that in fact, Biden lost the election. And that his “victory” is the result of out and out vote theft – voter fraud.

Over there at Newsmax, Deroy Murdock has noted this:

“Republican National Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel told Fox Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo that the RNC has collected 12,000 incident reports of election-related irregularities and malfeasance.

What might constitute even stronger evidence are the 400 affidavits submitted by eyewitnesses in swing states whose vote results are in dispute. These affiants have placed their observations on paper, from the fishy to the fraudulent.

And, crucially, they have sworn that their statements are true, signed these documents, and notarized them — all under penalty of perjury and potential imprisonment.

“Affidavits are routinely accepted as evidence in federal courts,” said former Justice Department election-integrity official J. Christian Adams, Esq. This is particularly true when affiants offer to bolster their affidavits through courtroom testimony.

Through online copies of legal filings and a priceless new website called HereIsTheEvidence.com, the internet now features relevant affidavits that are ready for inspection by those who scream, ‘No evidence!’”

Indeed, follow that link to HereIsTheEvidence.com and there is sourced, very detailed evidence of voter fraud across the nation.
All of this before one gets to the abuse of voting systems that have mysteriously “glitched” elsewhere in Michigan and switched thousands of Trump votes to Biden.

Is it a wonder that one Norman Shinkle, described at Fox News as “one of two Republicans on the four-member (Michigan canvassing) board” is now “weighing whether to block the certification at the board’s meeting on Monday due to voting system glitches that both President Trump and his allies have claimed are evidence for widespread voter fraud.

Good for Mr. Shinkle.

Count every legal vote. It really is that simple – and necessary.


  1. But they just gave the State to Biden, and just saw on FOX Trump is starting Transition? He needs a Miracle, but as important is the Senate Run Off in Jan in Georgia.

  2. None of this evidence NEVER makes it to court but is always brought up in public where there is no scrutiny. Not ONE lawsuit has mentioned fraud

    • All of the lawsuits have been about breaking state laws and constitutional issues. The fraud case is much bigger and will involve multiple states. This case will take time, prosecutions don’t happen overnight and this will have many.

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