Facebook Takes Down Trump Ad Attacking Antifa

Photo by Zach Gibson/Getty Images

Up is down, down is up. So it goes in this latest twist in the tales of social media.

It seems that the Trump campaign put together a campaign ad attacking the far-left Antifa, which, in spite of its laughable name (“Antifa” is short for “anti-fascist”) is in fact a fascist organization itself.

Included in the ad was an Antifa symbol – a red triangle. One can see the red triangle in this Antifa symbol featuring a red triangle flag:


Cue the up-is-down hysteria.

It was quickly pointed out that the red triangle was used by the Nazis. True. So clearly the Trump campaign has denounced a hate group, Antifa,  that is classified as a domestic terrorist organization – and uses the self-same symbol once used by the Nazis. Obvious, yes?

Not to the Leftist State Media. Not to Facebook. Suddenly there are headlines like this one in The Washington Post:

Facebook removes Trump ads with symbol once used by Nazis to designate political prisoners

So in other words? The Trump campaign’s quite obvious use of Antifa’s red triangle – used by Antifa itself – was to point out its fascist roots. And for doing this, the Leftist State Media turns this upside down to make it appear the Trump campaign was using the onetime Nazi symbol as its own. When in fact it was and is Antifa that uses it.

This is beyond disgraceful.

This is a class A example of Leftist State Media manipulation.

The good news is that the upcoming revived and reopened Trump rallies are beginning this weekend with a kick-off in Oklahoma. The original venue had not quite 20,000 seats. The requests for tickets? Over 1 million.

Which says at least one thing: The American people have had enough of the Leftist State Media and its manipulation of the news.

Enough, they are saying, is enough.