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Enraging: Hundreds Of Lawmakers, Lobbyists Head To Maui To Discuss ‘How To Reopen States’


It’s simply beating a dead horse. Democrats are mandating the country into a deep depression, both figuratively and literally, while they do whatever they please. While you are being told you may not see your own family for the upcoming Holidays, California lawmakers are enjoying a nice vacation…to Hawaii.

While the cancellation of all vacations, surgeries, activities, sports, as well as closings of places of worship and schools, have paralyzed our lives, 2020 “did not derail an annual gathering of lobbyists and lawmakers on the shores of Maui that brought people from across the country to a luxury resort this week” reports Politico.

It’s just too angering to put into words. “Roughly 100 people from four states converged at the Fairmont Kea Lani for a four-day legislative conference organized by the Independent Voter Project,” writes Politico. The hypocrites justify their actions by noting the 18th annual event was nearly a third of its usual size.

Nonetheless, “it still drew nearly 20 lawmakers from California, Texas and Washington state” considered COVID-19 hot spots. But no, a virtual meeting, which the rest of us are forced to resort to, just wouldn’t get the same job done as being surrounded by luxury in paradise.

Here is the most enraging part. This year’s theme? “How to reopen states’ economies amid the public health crisis” reports Politico. The answer is simple; let Americans do the exact same things you domineering legislators are doing.

The group’s chair and executive director Dan Howle exposed how out of touch with reality he is when he said he was not concerned about flying people from around the country to Hawaii, because of Hawaii’s Safe Travels program. “It really doesn’t matter where you’re coming from as long as you have a negative Covid test before you arrive here” said Howle.

But Democrats don’t care about the facts. As Politico writes, “the event comes amid a worrisome surge in infections across the country and new travel restrictions on the West Coast, and as many schools and businesses remain closed.” Not to mention, San Francisco Governor Gavin Newsom is still in hot water over attending a 12-person birthday party in Napa Valley.

Additionally, reports Politico, “tests aren’t infallible; they could provide the wrong result or fail to catch coronavirus during the incubation period. And there are risks to traveling because visitors could still face exposures on the island and bring the virus home.”


    • lobbying is the cornerstone of the government. That is how so many politicians become wealthy. The Dems and Republicans do it. They let lobbyists write laws. It is by far the best return on investment for corporations. There are even funds that are successful that base their stock choices on how much corporations pay in lobbying.

  1. It’s a simple solution…listen to & take the advice of the President…Trump will set you free

  2. Anyone with any common sense would’ve said this meeting needs to be done over Zoom in order to drive home the point of how closed states are hurting the average American.

    “When being a politician became a career choice, we lost the Republic.” – ScienceABC23

  3. This is different than the Trump rallies as there will be all protocols will be followed vs. a Trump rally where there are few masks worn and next to no distancing and in fact flaunting recommendations.

  4. I have done amazingly well $$$$ during this pandemic. Those of use with the wisdom to sell in the first sell off at the beginning and buy at the bottom are smiling all the way to the bank!!!! I increased my portfolio by 50%. That’s capitalism. Survival of the fittest

  5. Yep, dummies that voted for the Democrat Rats got hoodwinked again. Working Americans that Voted for Biden and Dem ticket, enjoy your misery.

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