Cruz Slams Biden: Iran’s Missiles And Drones ‘Were Paid For’ By Biden Admin

Joe Biden

In response to Iran’s unprecedented attack on Israel over the weekend, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) slammed President Biden for policies that sent money to Iran and helped fund the weapons they used.  

Cruz made his comments during an episode of his “Verdict” podcast with co-host Ben Ferguson. 

“It was the first direct attack on Israel from Iran in history and it is an extraordinary escalation of what has been going on,” Cruz said. “This tragically is the result of the Biden Foreign Policy of Appeasement and the entire Democrat Party backing away from Israel and sending billions of dollars to Iran. In a very real sense, the missiles that Iran fired at Israel, were paid for by the Biden administration.” 

Cruz said that the Biden administration allowed the “sanctions on missiles in Iran to expire.” 

“They did this in the midst of Iran, funding Hamas, funding Hezbollah, funding October 7, and launching over 100 attacks on US servicemen and women,” Cruz continued. “On October 7, more than 1,200 Israelis were murdered. That included roughly 30 Americans who were murdered. We still have American hostages; we still have Israeli hostages. Not only that we have three servicemen and women, the Iranians have murdered in their more than 100 attacks. And what does the Biden administration keep doing? Shoveling cash to this theocratic, lunatic Ayatollah.” 

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