CREEPY UNCLE JOE: Biden Awkwardly Kisses Granddaughter at Campaign Stop


Vice President Joe Biden is a walking Saturday Night Live skit. The writers and performers over at NBC should all take the weekend off and just run a video compilation of Biden doing and saying things that he thinks are normal, which in reality, are actually anything but.


The latest instance of awkwardness comes courtesy of a campaign stop in Iowa with Vice President Biden’s granddaughter. Finnegan, Hunter Biden’s 19-year-old daughter, accompanied her grandfather to a campaign event at Clarke University in Dubuque, Iowa on Sunday.


A report from the Daily Mail says that they arrived hand in hand, and after Finnegan introduced her grandfather, he gave her a quick kiss on her lips. With Vice President Biden struggling in recent polls, and many predicting that he will lose the Iowa Caucus, it will be interesting to see if voters see this interaction as sweet or awkward.

Source: Daily Mail