Congressmen Demand Biden Take A Cognitive Test

Wow.  Here’s the headline in The Washington Post:

Ronny Jackson said Trump aced a cognitive test. Now he’s demanding Biden take one, citing ‘mental impairment.’

Ronny Jackson, of course, is Dr. Ronny Jackson, the retired Navy Rear Admiral who served as the White House Physician to three presidents – Bush, Obama and Trump. He is now a Member of Congress from Texas.

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Here is the amazing letter that Congressman Jackson organized and is signed by thirteen other congressmen. It reads:

To say the least, the letter and the request are nothing less than stunning. Note: The letter cites specific examples of the President’s cognitive problems, including not knowing where he is, forgetting the name of his Secretary of Defense, mispronouncing names and saying that he was losing track of what was happening around him.

What next?

One suspects the White House will pretend this letter doesn’t exist. But this is the President of the United States we’re talking about here – and he is being watched relentlessly. And you can bet those watching most intently are the dictators who run places like China, Russia, Iran and North Korea.

Not good. Not to mention dangerous.

Stay tuned.

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