CNN Analyst Slams Biden’s DOJ Over Refusing to Charge Hunter Biden


A leftist CNN analyst slammed President Biden’s Department of Justice this week over its refusal to file charges in its multi-year investigation into the president’s son, Hunter Biden.

While discussing the federal indictment against former President Trump on “CNN This Morning,” political correspondent Sara Murray asked if it was a “fair question to say, what are you guys going to do about the Hunter Biden investigation?”

“This has been going on for a while,” she continued. “We still don’t have a charging decision in this case. Again, we’re getting to be in the full swing of a presidential election year. Are you going to charge it? Are you going to move on?”

“Sara makes a great point about the Hunter Biden investigation at DOJ. This is preposterous. This has been pending, according to our reporting at CNN, since 2018. Five years,” CNN legal analyst Elie Honig said. 

“And this, by the way, this investigation is not the laptop,” he noted. “This investigation is a tax issue. Did Hunter Biden declare his income and a sort of obscure gun law? Did he possess a gun while he was addicted to drugs, which you’re not allowed to do under federal law? Did he lie about that?”

“But five years, I mean, that’s a five-week investigation,” he said. “And this spans the Trump administration and the Biden administration. Someone has got to make a call on this case. I don’t know what is going on, but it’s beyond anything I’ve seen before.”

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