Buttigieg, Warren Play The Race Card Against George Zimmerman and Get Sued

In short? It’s the race card, race card, race card with Democrats. They cannot help themselves. It is in their political DNA.
George Zimmerman

They can’t help themselves.  Democratic presidential candidates Mayor Pete Buttigieg and Senator Elizabeth Warren just did what Democrats always do – and in fact have been doing for the 220-year history of their party.

They played the race card. And this time, they promptly got sued.

As headlined here at Fox News:

George Zimmerman sues Warren, Buttigieg for $265M, accuses them of attempting to garner black votes by defaming him

The Fox report begins this way:

George Zimmerman, the onetime neighborhood watch volunteer who was acquitted in the 2012 shooting death of Trayvon Martin in Florida, is suing Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., and former South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg for $265 million, claiming both 2020 Democratic presidential candidates defamed him in an attempt to ‘garner votes in the black community.’

The lawsuit filed in Polk County, Fla., Tuesday argues Warren and Buttigieg’s two separate tweets on Feb. 5, which would have been Martin’s 25th birthday, used the killing ‘as a pretext to demagogue and falsely brand Zimmerman as a white supremacist and racist to their millions of Twitter followers.’”

The tweets in question said this:

From Buttigieg:

“Trayvon Martin would have been 25 today. How many 25th birthdays have been stolen from us by white supremacy, gun violence, prejudice, and fear? #BlackLivesMatter”

And from Warren:

“My heart goes out to @SybrinaFulton and Trayvon’s family and friends. He should still be with us today. We need to end gun violence and racism. And we need to build a world where all of our children—especially young Black boys—can grow up safe and free.”

Note the reference to “white supremacy” (Buttigieg) and “racism” (Warren).

Recall that during the Trayvon Martin episode the left-wing New York Times played the race card as well, saying that Zimmerman, whose mother is Peruvian, was a “white Hispanic.” Not Hispanic…but “white Hispanic.” A distinction made to justify the charges of racism hurled at him.

The hard fact here, as Zimmerman is correctly alleging, is that the real racism here is coming from the two Democrats.

And as I have written countless times, there is a reason for this.

As I wrote in The American Spectator way back there in 2008 – in a piece republished in The Wall Street Journal,  the Democratic Party has a long, long history of using race to win elections.

This is a political party, as documented by historian Gary Wills, where slavery and the power of slave owners were central to its founding. When the party first began to write platforms in presidential years, the very first six supported slavery.

When the Civil War ended, as I pointed out:

“Democrats opposed the Thirteenth, Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments to the Constitution. The Thirteenth banned slavery. The Fourteenth effectively overturned the infamous 1857 Supreme Court Dred Scott decision (made by Democrat pro-slavery Supreme Court justices) by guaranteeing due process and equal protection to former slaves. The Fifteenth gave black Americans the right to vote.”

Next came another 20 platforms supporting slavery, using the Ku Klux Klan as their military arm, opposing anti-lynching legislation. And now? Democrats are into supporting identity politics – the son of segregation and grandson of slavery.

In short? It’s the race card, race card, race card with Democrats. They cannot help themselves. It is in their political DNA.

Now, ever so casually, they just played that race card against George Zimmerman.

And they are being sued.


  1. JP Diddy 19 February, 2020 at 19:16

    GOOD, stick it to Mayor Petey Buttgape, like his Hubby does to him every night. Chief “Running With Many Lies” Warren and her hidden Millions$$$, need to be made an example of, these Radicals are wayyyy out of hand!!!! Go Get Em Zimmerman.

  2. bill 19 February, 2020 at 19:28

    Democrats look at Blacks and other minorities as loose change laying around… They don’t bother with it until they need it to benefit themselves. Wish minorities could see through their deceptions.

  3. Mitch Strikes Again 19 February, 2020 at 20:38

    It would have been a lot of people of all different colors birthday…but those folks don’t fit the Democrat narrative.

  4. dcwalker2 19 February, 2020 at 20:38

    Its obvious that these two did not watch the trial or listen to the findings….after their argument Z went back to his car and called the police. They wanted the street address so he walked to the street corner and on the way back to his car TM jumped out of the bushes to attack him and pound Z’s head into the ground, when Z couldn’t push him of him he drew his weapon pointed left into TM’s body…..at that point it was self defense….

    • Truth- Flag-Waver 20 February, 2020 at 07:59

      I’m sure they watched. I think they know every detail, it just doesn’t fit their narrative. They are disgusting and don’t care how much hate and divisiveness it causes in our country as long as they get vote .

  5. Tracy Cole 20 February, 2020 at 03:56

    Gettum Mr Zimmerman, make em pay. Time to stop being treated like door mats at the mercy of liberal’s muddy shoes. May the Force be with You George

  6. Barbara E Collins 20 February, 2020 at 00:20

    This is another tactic these Socialist use to try to win whatever they are running for. They don’t give a hoot about Trayvon Martin..May God Bless his parent as they still grieve for their son. Politic has no place in death of a child.
    We are living in the end time folks.. These people want to take over everywhere.. They were radicalized during the Obama years of trying to tare down America. Satan has taken over the so called Democratic party. It isn’t as it use to be.. It’s Socialism at it’s worst. Wake up and let’s get rid of them by keeping Trump in office and voting Republicans all the way and hope they are not controlled by those Socialist demons…Obama is still working in the background to destroy America.. Not one of these Democratic Socialist are Christian nor do they love Israel.. Please keep our president in your prayers as well as hope Zimmerman wins his lawsuit..

  7. Nathan Masters 20 February, 2020 at 16:59

    Very disappointed in your ignorance in US political history. The democrats have not maintained their position on blacks for their 220 year history. Their position shifted after the civil war and was cemented by the 1930’s with Roosevelt’s New Deal. The republicans largely dominated the the northeastern US and were largely against slavery as we perceive it to be. They were supporters of indentured servitude like live in servants and “help” but believed the blacks were worthy of their own voice and their own property. The pre 1860’s Republicans were very much the modern day Democrats and were weary big on big government, social programs, and government assistance. This was absolute!

    With the western expansion after the civil war and the republic adding more states to the nation the Democratic Party was hungry for the popularity the republicans had with those programs and started with their party shift to the left and began adopting and going above and beyond the republicans stance with giveaway programs and big government ideals. This radical shift forced the republicans to protect the Nation and the people’s liberties, shifting their views to the right. It wasn’t until the 1930’s the two parties cemented their stances and became the parties we know today.

    If we Republicans were sitting here in the late 1800’s our party affiliation would be Democrat not Republican. Remember the Democrats were the southern slave owners that wanted small government and believed in earning your keep, living in a country ruled by the people not by the government oppression which is what the largely controversial “Rebel Flag” stood for, NOT SLAVERY, as democratic and liberal ignorance will have you believe.

    That said, the Republicans were the northern states largely opposing slavery and wanted big government assistance programs that fueled growth and funneled money back into the industrialized north making the rich richer as the nation expanded westward.


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