Bill Barr: ‘The Threat To Our Country Is From The Far-Left,’ Not Trump

Late last week, former U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr said that he will be supporting former President Donald Trump over President Joe Biden in the election because he believes that the real threat to the country comes from the far-left. 

Barr made his comments during a Fox News interview with Neil Cavuto when asked why he was supporting Trump after he had been critical of the former president in the past. 

“At the end of the day, you have to remember — serving in his administration, I was fine with his policies,” Barr said. “I think his policies were good policies. My problems came with his behavior which I found very troubling after the election. And I think the idea that he’s going to be an autocrat and take over power like some right-wing dictator is not the threat facing our country.” 

“The threat to our country is from the far-left and the drift that’s been occurring toward really a socialistic system and one that brooks no opposition, that cancels people, that has only one viewpoint taught in colleges that tries to push parents out of the picture when it comes to the education of their children,” he continued. “It is a heavy-handed bunch of thugs, in my opinion, and that’s where the threat is.” 

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