Biden’s HUD Pick Defended Judge Who Beat Wife In Front of Children, Murdered Her 3 Years Later

Marcia Fudge

On Tuesday Joe Biden announced he will nominate Ohio Representative Marcia Fudge to serve as his administration’s secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Currently, former presidential candidate Ben Carson is serving in the position as HUD chief under President Trump. Fudge will replace Carson if she is confirmed by the U.S. Senate.

As with all nominees, their backgrounds come to the forefront and Fudge may have quite the sordid past. As former chair of the Congressional Black Caucus, Fudge made a reprehensible decision to act and joined “several Cleveland-area politicians” to vouch for a former Ohio state legislator and judge on the Cuyahoga County common pleas court.

Fudge and others, for whatever reason, decided to come to the defense of judge Lance T. Mason “after he admitted to beating his wife in 2014” reports the Daily Caller News Foundation. “Mason, 53, was arrested in August 2014 on charges that he assaulted Fraser in front of their two daughters, who were 4 and 6 years old at the time” reports DCNF.

The details are brutal and should be career suicide for any man, but Fudge and her liberal colleagues actually came to his rescue. “Court documents showed that Mason attacked Fraser in their SUV, punching her 20 times, slamming her head against the dashboard, and choking her.” Mason concluded by pushing his wife, a sixth-grade teacher, out of the car before driving off with their children.

Fudge, who has known Mason for 20 years, actually defended his character. Mason is “a good man who made a very bad mistake” Fudge wrote in a letter to the County prosecutor in August of 2015. Fudge praised Mason for taking full responsibility for his actions. “I commend Lance for immediately recognizing that he needed help and entering counseling” she wrote, assuring the prosecutor, “that something like this will never happen again.” Except she was wrong; deadly wrong.

Just a few short years later on November 17th of 2018, Mason murdered his wife outside of his sister’s home in Shaker Heights and was sentenced to life in prison.