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Biden’s Brain and Sanders’ Heart: Oldest Group of Prez Candidates Refuse to Release Medical Records

[dropcap style=”dropcap_style1″ textcolor=”#000000″ background=”#fafafa” fontweight=”900″]What is Democrats’ favorite stereotype they like to assign to Republicans? That they are all a bunch of old, white guys. Not sure if they have taken a look at their own party’s slate of presidential candidates, but there are a lot of old white guys, with the exception of one old white woman. As a matter of fact, four of the six candidates are 70 years old or older.

Where is the outrage from liberals that they have no viable candidates who are diverse? Isn’t that what the Democratic party is about, after all? Frontrunner Bernie Sanders had a heart attack and had to take a break from the campaign trail only five short months ago. As MSN News reminds us, Sanders refused to disclose that he had a heart attack at first, while his campaign covered for his absence for two weeks.

Next, another you guessed it, old white male Joe Biden seems to have some serious health issues of his own. While the media has enjoyed the Biden gaffe machine, his forgetfulness may be indicative of a serious health concern. However, we won’t know because the only medical records he has released was a “three-page letter describing him as a ‘healthy, vigorous 77-year-old male” reports MSN.

Could that really be true? Only yesterday the former Vice President and Presidential hopeful said to a crowd in South Carolina: “My name is Joe Biden. I’m a Democratic candidate for the United States Senate. Look me over, if you like what you see, help out. If not, vote for the other Biden.” Huh? Additionally, Biden often mixes up his locations, having just referred to new Hampshire as Nevada during the State’s primary. Another particularly eerie gaffe was just last Thursday at a CNN town hall event when the elder Biden said his deceased son Beau Biden was the U.S. Attorney General, but he actually served as the Attorney General of Delaware.

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