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Jeffrey Lord


Who Is Peter Neffenger?

So let’s see how this works.  Meet Peter Neffenger, a retired Coast Guard admiral. Admiral Neffenger is one busy guy. First, recall this from Rudy...

The New Resistance Begins

Over there at Fox, former Utah Republican Congressman Jason Chaffetz asks this: “Remember when Democrats called for peace and unity in the days following the...

Stealing Pennsylvania?

Way back there in the midst of the fall 2008 presidential election I had this headline on a column in The American Spectator: Stealing Pennsylvania:...

If Elected, A Biden Impeachment and Special Prosecutor Over The NY Post Stories?

Recall.  President Donald Trump was impeached for a phone call to the President of Ukraine in which, falsely claimed Democrats, he asked the Ukrainian leader to take action that would benefit Trump politically.

Latest news

‘This Is the Tipping Point’ Tweets CA Gov Newsom As More ‘Drastic Actions’ To Come

California residents who feel coronavirus restrictions have greatly impeded their livelihood are likely in for even further impediment. In fact, California Governor Gavin Newsom...

UK Poll Finds Over 55% Believe BLM Has Increased Racial Tension

Democrats and leaders of the party have been blaming President Trump and the conservative party for all things negatively related to race relations since...

Justice Department Brings Lawsuit Against First Lady’s Former Friend And Author Of Tell-All Book

Stephanie Winston Wolkoff who was reportedly close friends with Melania Trump for years utilized her relationship with the famous first lady to write a...

Dem Denver Mayor Tells Citizens Not To Travel Just Before Boarding His Flight For Thanksgiving

Democratic Denver Mayor Michael Hancock is the epitome of disgraceful politicians who use their position of power simply to prove they, in fact, have...

No, It’s Not A Joke: NY Gov Cuomo Wins International Emmy Award For ‘Masterful Use of TV’

COVID-19 has shut down much of production, leaving the international Emmy Awards, well, desperate. So desperate, the organization gave an award to a Democratic...
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