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Flashback: Twitter Had Zero Problems When Pelosi Said ‘Our Election Was Hijacked’

In case anyone still had a crumb of doubt left that media giants aren’t astonishingly bias, let’s take a look back at Nancy Pelosi’s digital footprint, which was left untouched.

Antifa Protests Around U.S. on Inauguration: Want ‘Revenge,’ ‘No Prisons, No Walls – No USA At All’

Despite newly elected President Joe Biden being soft on condemning Antifa’s deplorable and violent actions, the group still has beef with the new president.

Trump To ‘Emerge As the Nation’s Leader on Ballot and Voting Integrity’

President Joe Biden has wasted no time in his first hours in office signing dozens of executive orders. Former President Donald Trump is not...

Biden Begins Erasing Trump’s Great Legacies In Executive Orders Sweep

“A tired-sounding Biden, 78, signed three orders in front of reporters in the Oval Office. His press secretary, Jen Psaki, later told reporters at...

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