Attention Small Business Owners: Senate Democrats Blocked Your Relief Bill

Chuck Schumer

Democratic leadership has such a disdain for President Trump that inevitably they will find a way, by any means necessary, to take issue with his policies. Furthermore, liberals and progressives salivate over any far-fetched opportunity to claim racism against Republicans and give the idiotic illusion that they are the party who alone supports minorities. This time, they have gone too far in their abuse of power.

Today Senate Democrats have stalled Trump’s $250 billion relief package for small businesses. Their [inline_posts type=”IDs” box_title=”MUST READ” align=”alignleft” textcolor=”#910000″ background=”#dbdbdb”]4070, 4045[/inline_posts]reasoning? They want more. Specifically, more protections for minority-owned businesses and additional aid to local health care providers. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) told CNN “no one is necessarily against additional assistance” but it is imperative to get what they have passed for the small business program because it “is the one program that was running out of money, needed assistance now.”

At the beginning of today’s Senate session, McConnell began with the statement to his colleagues, “do not block emergency aid you do not oppose just because you want something more.” But that’s exactly what they did. “Republicans intended the $250 billion as an addition to the Paycheck Protection Program, which gives forgivable loans to small businesses. That program is currently worth $350 billion” reports National Review.

Democratic Senator from Maryland, Chris Van Hollen attempted “to pass the Democrats’ own legislation” which would add another $250 billion in aid money to “hospitals and local governments” to the Republicans’ small business relief package. The Democrat legislation failed “by unanimous consent” according to National Review.

Mitch McConnell attempted a speedy passage for the relief bill by calling for a vote by unanimous consent. But alas, the Democrats who wanted more, blocked it all.