Arizona Border Wall Found Knocked Over, Officials Suspect Foul Play

Arizona officials are saying that criminal elements, not windy weather, are to blame after shipping containers that were put in place as part of a temporary border wall mysteriously fell over.

“Two 60-foot-long containers that construction workers had dropped along the border with Mexico last weekend were found dislodged Sunday evening. Construction workers on scene Monday morning told a local reporter they believed the nearly 9 tons worth of containers had been blown over by the wind,” the Washington Examiner reported.

However, a spokesperson for Arizona Governor Doug Ducey (R) said that that while southern Arizona often sees high winds, it is unlikely that the winds were strong enough to knock over the massive shipping containers.

“The idea that it was a weather-related event seems unlikely,” Ducey’s communications director, C.J. Karamargin, told the Washington Examiner on Wednesday. “These things weigh 8,800 pounds. There were two of them together — 8,800 pounds is basically the weight of a Ford F-450. We have a lot of strong winds in Arizona. You don’t see a lot of Ford F-450s flying around when we have strong winds.”

According to the report, “Photos shared exclusively with the Washington Examiner show deep dents and tears on the side of the bottom container, marks that were not present at the time of installation and could not have been made by the wind.”

Karamargin added that the attempt to knock over the barrier was evidence that it was necessary and effective.

“Some people attempted to dismiss this as a pointless effort because this is not the main route through which people enter the United States,” Karamargin said. “If this didn’t matter, if this barrier that we are erecting was irrelevant, or somehow misplaced, then why would someone make the effort to topple over nearly 18,000 pounds of shipping container? It just doesn’t make sense on its face. It doesn’t make sense. Our goal, of course, is to make Arizona communities safer. We clearly struck a nerve.”

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