AOC Celebrates Oil Markets Crashing Then Tries to Delete Evidence

Photo by Yana Paskova/Getty Images

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez celebrated oil prices crashing into the negative territory. She tweeted that with oil markets crashing and record low-interest rates, this is a great time for a “worker” led push for “green infrastructure” to save the planet.

What the Democratic Socialist congresswoman does not realize is that the fossil fuel industry directly employed at least 900,000 Americans as of 2015. These jobs are what allow her to use Instagram and Tik Tok, as 63% of all electricity in the United States is produced with fossil fuels, so her followers can watch her videos where she lies to them and misinforms them about reality. 

After deleting her tweet she replaced it with a revised version where she removed her “you absolutely love to see it” line and merely continued to push for the “Green New Deal.” It is quite astonishing that during a time with such economic hardship that congresswoman AOC and her followers celebrate the fact that such a vital industry to the United States, which employs hundreds of thousands of Americans, is coming under attack by Russia. Russia has all but admitted that they are increasing production in an attempt to destroy the United States’ oil industry. 

The one good thing about these low oil prices is that AOC will be able to fill her campaign’s luxury SUV’s gas tanks for less money. Once again, just like Speaker Pelosi, the Democratic party is openly demonstrating that they are not a party of the people. 

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