A Special Counsel For Joe and Hunter Biden: Investigate Biden Inc.


Over there at The New York Post, the prolific columnist Michael Goodwin has hit the nail on the head. The title of his column:

Time to call in a special counsel on Hunter and Joe Biden: Goodwin

In which Mr. Goodwin begins by reminding of The New York Times role in protecting Joe Biden and son Hunter in their dealings with China.

“The New York Times knew before the election that Joe Biden was the “big guy” in line for a secret 10 percent stake in a deal with a Chinese energy conglomerate, but the paper withheld the information from readers. Yet now that Hunter Biden admits he’s under a criminal tax probe, the Gray Lady begins to stir.

….To this day, neither Hunter nor Joe Biden has disputed any of the e-mails, messages and lurid pictures found on the device.

Consider this, too: The Post’s reports, including interviews with Tony Bobulinski, a former partner to Hunter and Jim Biden, presented more solid evidence about dirty dealings by the Biden family than anyone found on Trump and his family. This is true despite special counsel Robert Mueller’s two-year probe into Russia, Russia, Russia and the nonstop House impeachment investigations.

The confederacy against Trump gives rise to another reality: The only way to protect the probe into the Biden family money-grubbing is through the appointment of a special counsel. The need for protection was the logic behind the Mueller appointment, and it applies now in spades.

Not only must the probe be protected from Joe Biden’s White House but also from FBI Director Christopher Wray. Biden indicated he wants Wray to stay on, so the lackluster chief starts with an enormous conflict of interest, as will the eventual attorney general.

In fact, the special counsel provision is to be used when there are conflicts of interest among investigators and prosecutors. This case fits the definition in every possible way.”

Indeed the Biden Inc. case does indeed fit the definition of a conflict of interest between a Biden administration and “conflicts of interest among investigators and prosecutors…in every possible way.”

On Sunday evening’s Life, Liberty and Levin, host Mark Levin had author and investigative journalist Peter Schweizer on his Fox show. Schweizer has investigated the Biden family activities in detail and written about them in two best-selling books. Profiles in Corruption: Abuse of Power by America’s Progressive Elite and Secret Empires: How the American Political Class Hides Corruption and Enriches Family and Friends.

Said Mark of the Bidens:

“They’re corrupt. The entire family is corrupt. The media knew it. The media covered up for Joe Biden…..The Bidens, in my view, are up to their eyeballs with the Communist Chinese. So Hunter Biden is under investigation – criminal investigation now.”

Indeed he is. For tax fraud, dealings with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Not to mention his dealings with the Chinese Communists, the Ukraine and Romania. He added that the problem wasn’t just Joe Biden’s son, but also Joe Biden’s brother and Joe Biden’s sister – and, yes indeed, Joe Biden himself.

With that Peter Schweizer was on to “put some meat on the bones” of this tale of serious corruption.

The first bit of information was the news that Hunter Biden had been under investigation – for two years. The younger Biden’s information was dismissed by Democrats as “Russian disinformation” and more.

The media, noted both Mark and Peter, worked to ignore the emerging Biden scandal, noting that the Bidens had flat-out lied about their activities to the media. Peter recalled the 1984 scandal with then-Democratic Senator Gary Hart, who was running for president. Hart was accused of having an affair with a young woman named Donna Rice. He denied it. The difference between then and now is that the media of the day followed Hart and caught him with Rice, the story exploding into public view and ending Hart’s candidacy.

Today the media was lied to by the Bidens – and instead of exposing them they protected them. Schweizer notes that Hunter Biden sat for an interview with ABC:

“….and said specifically that he had not received a single penny from the Chinese. Well we now know, of course, that he got close to five million dollars from CESC, a Chinese government-connected energy company. We know he had a big equity stake in that private equity firm, that billion and a half private equity firm. We know their were other transactions involving Rosemont realty and Rosemont opportunities fund too. So he was flat out lying to the national media. What’s been the media’s response? Nothing. They’ve taken it. They’ve accepted it. In fact, they not only covered it up, Ben Smith of The New York Times ran a piece right before the election bragging about the fact that the gatekeepers, which of course include The Times and other publications had effectively killed this story. And how proud they were of it.”

Schweizer went on to note that after leaving the vice-presidency Joe Biden set up “The Biden Center” at the University of Pennsylvania. A think tank to study world problems. The Center identified three main problems for America on the global stage – climate change, international terrorism and Russia. Not China, the real rising power – but Russia, the declining power. Hmmmm. Schweizer says he believes China was not mentioned because the Bidens have “commercial ties” to China, so they don’t want to discuss China.

“How is it conceivable that Joe Biden is the only member of the family that doesn’t know anything?” asked Mark. As Schweizer detailed, it simply isn’t possible and is “patently ridiculous.”

Said Mark:

“The conspiracy of silence (from the media) before this election  because they wanted to defeat Trump has now resulted in the fact that we have a so-called “President-elect” that’s corrupt up to his eyeballs. That in my view, is the Manchurian Candidate. Even the individuals that he’s talking about should he become president, that he wants to appoint, from Secretary of State, from National Director of Intelligence to the Secretary of Education are all China-appeasers. Every single one of them.”

Schweizer added what is now seriously obvious to any waking American: It is time for an “independent investigation.”

“Look. The Biden family is now economically tied in a multiple number of ways to the Chinese regime itself. They have literally put money in the pockets of the Biden family. They are our are chief rivals. We need to know the full extent of those relationships. The Bidens have lied about it repeatedly. They dismissed it. We need to know what our chief rival is doing in terms of their commercial relationships with the man who is supposed to be our commander-in-chief.”

Schweizer said that Hunter is the “stalking horse” and the question is how much of all this benefits Joe Biden, described in the e-mails found on Hunter’s laptop as “the Big Guy” and “My Chairman.”

All of which had Mark Levin asking if Hunter Biden “goes down”, aren’t father and son “inextricably linked” – and will this not be a problem for Joe Biden? To which Schweizer answered correctly that this is why there must be an “independent investigation” of this.

“I think it’s very important now” to appoint a special counsel to investigate all of this Mark Levin agreed. And appoint that special counsel now. Right now.

As if to reinforce this, the very next morning after this episode of Life, Liberty and Levin aired, here was the headline on the Fox News web site beneath a photo of Joe and Hunter Biden:

Suspicious Finances: New emails appear to show Hunter Biden failed to report $400K in income from shady Ukrainian firm

The news report began:

“Hunter Biden did not report “approximately $400,000” in income he collected from his position on the board of Ukrainian natural gas firm Burisma Holdings when he joined in 2014, according to an attorney for his firm who noted that his tax returns needed to be amended, a new email obtained by Fox News shows.”

Let’s cut to the chase.

If in fact, Joe Biden winds up in the Oval Office, the Biden Department of Justice will ignore every bit of this massive corruption. This Biden family corruption must be investigated – thoroughly.

It’s time…and time is running out…to appoint a Special Counsel to investigate Joe and Hunter Biden and what can only be called. Biden. Inc.

Over to you, Attorney General Barr.

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