Trump Dismisses Criminal Indictments, Says They’re ‘Under Control’

Trump Thumbs Up

On Thursday, 2024 Republican presidential candidate and former President Donald Trump dismissed the four criminal indictments against him, saying that he has the situation “under control.”

Trump made his comments during an interview with Fox Business’ Larry Kudlow.

“It’s a witch-hunt. It is just a continuation of a witch-hunt. They want to silence you, silence you and they mean silence. They are, I think they’re sick people. I think they are people that have no idea how the world works and they have no idea the anger they cause,” Trump said. “We have a tremendous group of people in this country, and I’m not just talking about Republicans. We have them on both sides and we have a lot of them, and when they watch this witch-hunt, this disgusting situation where they do it for publicity, where they do fund-raisers based on it… I have four of them now if you look. This is not even possible, four, over the next, last couple months.”

“And frankly, it discredits everything and they’re all very similar in the sense that they’re, there is no basis for them. We have the Presidential Records Act which I’m allowed to do, by the way this guy [President Biden] has probably 20 times more boxes than anybody’s ever had. And he has got, he has done it wrong but you know, just it is a very sad thing when you look at it,” he continued. “And then you look at the suppression. They want to suppress your voice. They don’t want you to ever talk about an election. If you talk about an election they put you in jail.”

“Then you say, well, what about Hillary Clinton? She has been talking about, what about Stacey Abrams in Georgia? She is still saying she won the governor’s election. What about all these people talking about elections, including a lot of the congressmen that talk big, then you look back four years or two years even they’re talking about every election that you have ever seen. They try and persuade people that it didn’t happen,” Trump added. “No, it is a disgraceful thing. And Republicans can’t let them get away with it. The Republicans have to be tough. The Republicans are great in many ways but they don’t fight as hard. They have to get a lot tougher. If they don’t we’ll not have much of a Republican Party.”

“But we have that one under control. It is suppression. It is a horrible thing for the country and it is hurting the country very badly,” he said. 

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