The Wisdom of Pat Sajak

Pat Sajak

So here is America, getting restless.  After weeks of mandatory lockdowns, the country is increasingly divided by those who support some version of a continued lockdown and “shelter in place” – and those who believe it is more than time for America to re-open and get back to business.

Across the country, notably in states like Michigan and Pennsylvania, various barbers and beauty salon owners have finally gone out there and re-opened their businesses. Doing this, in some cases, in the face of threats by their various governors of massive fines and the loss of their license to operate.

Into this morass comes wisdom from legendary Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak. Tweeted Sajak:

Indeed it is. The other week I spoke to a “Re-Open Pennsylvania” protestor at a rally in front of the state capitol in Harrisburg. She spoke passionately of a friend, a single Mom with two kids, who was by profession the general manager of a restaurant – a restaurant closed by order of the Governor of Pennsylvania. The Mom was livid – for the abundantly obvious reason that her job had been halted but she still needed to feed her kids. And suffice to say, just as Pat Sajak was pointing out, advice to her from those who were getting paid for working from home was seen as clueless to someone whose job by definition required her to daily leave her home, go to her restaurant and get back in the business of serving food to the public.

Among other things, what Pat Sajak has put his finger on is an increasing class divide that is in the spotlight because of the virus. There are plenty of people who can sit in their homes and through the grace of 21st-century technology, tap on a keyboard, Skype or work the phones and get their job done. But there are millions of Americans – say again millions – who do not have that luxury.

And as Pat Sajak is pointing out, they shouldn’t have to depend on a spin of the shutdown’s wheel of fortune to feed their kids.


  1. bill 18 May, 2020 at 20:26

    Sort of ironic that those who have received their paychecks without interruption the last 12 weeks are the same ones who prevent us from even having an opportunity to make even one paycheck.. SOCIO/COMMUNISM in action..

  2. Ken Swan 19 May, 2020 at 14:18

    I’m Canadian, just a mile from the border, in White Rock, BC. I am concerned and confused. I am a law and order sort of guy, ex cop etc. And I believe one should obey the law. But the USA seems to have 50 different countries, with each Governor making up “laws” (we have 10 different laws here! So, what does one Governor know that is better than another Governor’s knowledge? Nothing, it is all political and obtuse. Watch the results from, say, Texas and Florida, and start copying them. Stop telling your state’s citizens to do this or that, when the poor cops have to fine people for gardening, walking a dog, for walking on the beach, and so on. When citizens get confused and see other states allowing activity hat , if they performed it, they could be fined.

    Just refuse to pay the fine and go to jail. There are lots of empty cells, once inhabited by murderers, drug dealers, etc., can you not see the absurdity of it all?

    • Publius Hamilton 20 May, 2020 at 07:24

      It’s called Federalism. A citizen has a better chance of being heard the closer the seat of power is to them. It’s like a franchise. Local managers with skin in the game make better decisions because they know the local market and they have an vested interest. Right now we have 50 different experiments or trial studies going on and we can compare outcomes and adopt Best Practices if they make sense in our State. What makes sense in Florida or New York might not go over well in Oklahoma.
      And IF something works in California it’s too weird for anywhere else in America except maybe Austin, Texas.

      The Law of Unintended Consequences is alive and well. Many Americans are seeing the Real Me of their Governors and Mayors and it seems like the Democrats are the most disillusioned by their Il Duce’s channeling their inner dictator in Michigan, New Jersey, NY City, Los Angeles, and Illinois. The Dems thought they could hurt Trump with this. They forgot the pointy end of the sword goes in the other guy….

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