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Nancy Pelosi

Is It Time To Disband The Democratic Party?

In the midst of all the statue pulling-downs, with Speaker Nancy Pelosi removing portraits of her predecessors as Speaker and demanding that various statues lining the halls of the US Capitol be removed, it is clearly the moment to ask: Is it time to disband the Democrats? To abolish the Democratic Party outright?

Pelosi, Schumer’s Racist Photo-Op

Recall in the far distant past of the last month when former Vice President Joe Biden said this to radio’s Charlamagne tha God: “…if you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.”

Pelosi $3T Stimulus Bill Would Enhance Already Fraudulent Mail-In Voting

Speaker Nancy Pelosi expects the House to vote Friday on her proposed $3 trillion stimulus bill she released Tuesday. Named the ‘HEROES Act,’ Pelosi uses the coronavirus to further her own agenda with a heap of money.

Pelosi’s Press Releases Reveal Silence, Inaction as Virus Took Off

A deep dive into Pelosi’s press releases reveal a Speaker of the House who literally, repeatedly ignored the subject of the COVID-19 virus. Silence was the Pelosi rule, not the exception to the rule.

Senator Rubio Offers Pelosi All of His Ice Cream

Florida Senator Marco Rubio tweeted out a video of himself offering Speaker Pelosi all of the ice cream in his much more affordable freezer in order for her to merely do the right thing.

Speaker Nancy Antoinette: Let Them Eat Gourmet Ice Cream

There is the very wealthy Speaker of the House, closeted in her very expensive San Francisco mansion, giving a tour of the freezer in her very expensive refrigerator to showcase for the cameras her hoarded stash of very expensive gourmet ice cream, available to the peasants for a piddling $12 bucks a quart.

Speaker Nero Pelosi: Fiddler of the House

There was an election in 2016. Pelosi’s party lost. The happenstance began with the Trump-Russia collusion myth. After 2018, the move to impeach began. Twice is a coincidence. Now? Now she says she wants yet another investigation in the middle of all this?

Pelosi’s ‘Junk’ Almost Killed Coronavirus Rescue Bill

President Trump joined Fox and Friends with some behind the scenes insight into the battle that was passing the $2.2 trillion rescue bill. “We did walk away a couple of times, actually, but we thought we were literally going to have to walk away and start all over again they had so much junk in there – and it was junk. Much of it was junk.”

Dem House Bill Seeks Billions for Coronavirus, ‘Encourages Unemployment Benefits’

As Democrats use the coronavirus as an opportunity to slam President Trump’s handling of the matter, they think they have the solution. The Associated Press released details of the “ambitious measure” House Democrats have put forth. In a nutshell, the plan includes “paid sick leave and strengthened unemployment insurance as a response to the worsening outbreak’s economic impact.”

Poop Map Pelosi Lectures Trump on Coronavirus

Nancy Pelosi is following Rahm Emanuel's suggestion of “never letting a serious crisis go to waste” by attempting to use the coronavirus to attack President Trump.

Latest news

Hypocrite of Health: De Blasio Bans Large Events Except BLM Protests, Results in Increased Gun Violence

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is putting his foot down for the safety of the city’s citizens. Except it’s all nonsense.

Mark Levin Nails It On Hannity

Mark Levin appeared on Hannity Thursday night and in his inimitable style knocked it out of the park.

Lt. Colonel Vindman: A Deep State Retirement

The Washington Post headlined the story this way: Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman retires, citing a campaign of ‘bullying’ and ‘retaliation’ by Trump after impeachment testimony The...

Ep. 3 They want to silence us, but we will not be silenced

In 2014, I began to notice a disturbing movement that had begun to appear on the American scene in various incarnations, I called it the New American Fascism.

Oregon Candidate Takes Advantage of Politically Correct Times; Writes ‘Anonymous’ Racist Letter to Himself

Jonathan Lopez, an Umatilla County commissioner candidate in Oregon received an anonymous, hate-filled racist letter in his mailbox. Lopez chose to take the moral high road saying he had “no resentment for whomever wrote this.” Likely Lopez was quick to forgive “whomever” because he wrote the letter to himself.
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