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Joe Biden

Biden’s Latest Story Fabrication Involves Him (Not) Getting Arrested in South Africa

Over the weekend, the presidential hopeful told a compelling story about being arrested when he was in South Africa hoping to meet Nelson Mandela in the 1970s; then recanted it.

Plagiarizing Pete “Borrows” Obama Talking Points?

Candidates with similar political ideologies saying similar things is understandable, but for it to happen this often seems a little too coincidental.

Biden’s Brain and Sanders’ Heart: Oldest Group of Prez Candidates Refuse to Release Medical Records

Where is the outrage from liberals that they have no viable candidates who are diverse? Isn’t that what the Democratic party is about, after all?

Dishonest Joe: Hunter Has “Done Nothing but Good His Whole Life”

Crazy Uncle Joe Biden went on The View yesterday and made the absurd claim that his son, Hunter, has done nothing but good things...

Biden, Bobby and Me: When I Caught Joe Biden Plagiarizing

What was on display in that 1987 plagiarizing episode, and what is on display now with the avalanche of allegations revolving around son Hunter’s activities in Ukraine and China, and one gaffe after another on the campaign trail, is a repeated carelessness.

Pelosi, Schiff Impeach Biden Campaign

Pelosi and Schiff, obsessed with impeaching Trump, succeeded not only in driving Trump’s popularity skyward - but driving the Biden campaign into the ground.

Bloomberg, Biden and the Black Vote; The Latest Democrats Failing Minorities

Instead of thanking his supporters last night in New Hampshire at the post caucus event, Joe Biden jumped ship. The former vice president, who...

John Kerry Overheard Betraying Biden; Contemplates His Own Run to Beat Sanders

Iowa caucus is in full swing this week and former Secretary of State John Kerry can’t keep his cool. Kerry, who is in Iowa...

CREEPY UNCLE JOE: Biden Awkwardly Kisses Granddaughter at Campaign Stop

Vice President Joe Biden is a walking Saturday Night Live skit. The writers and performers over at NBC should all take the weekend off...

STOPPING THE BERN? DNC Members Discuss Changing Rules to Stop Sanders at Convention

traditional voter suppression accusations are lobbed against Republicans every two years. Whether the accusations are of voter registrations being cleaned up to remove people...

Latest news

‘More Likely Than Not’ China Has Already Stolen Information of American Adults

FBI Director Christopher Wray “warned Americans that the Chinese government’s theft of American information is taking place on so large a scale, suspected incidents make up nearly half of his bureau’s counterintelligence cases” reports Fox News.

The Post’s Erik Wemple Goes Full David Duke

The thing about the race card is that the Left doesn’t know what to do without it. Case in point? This time it is…shocker…The Washington Post’s Erik Wemple.

Oregon Candidate Takes Advantage of Politically Correct Times; Writes ‘Anonymous’ Racist Letter to Himself

Jonathan Lopez, an Umatilla County commissioner candidate in Oregon received an anonymous, hate-filled racist letter in his mailbox. Lopez chose to take the moral high road saying he had “no resentment for whomever wrote this.” Likely Lopez was quick to forgive “whomever” because he wrote the letter to himself.

The Rise of the New American Fascists

Back there in the stone age of 2014, I began to notice a disturbing movement that had begun to appear on the American scene in various incarnations.

Kaepernick Attacks July 4th For Second Year: ‘Celebration of White Supremacy,’ Then Signs Deal With Disney

When Kaepernick instigated a nationwide debate about kneeling during the national anthem at professional sporting events, he said “I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color.” For a man who claims to stand for justice and equality, he sure incites and instigates violence and hatred.
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