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Donald Trump

False Social Media Coverage of Protests Provoking ‘The Racial Flame’

As in many instances, the internet has created a breeding ground making it almost impossible to distinguish fact from fiction in the protests turned riots happening around the country.

Twitter Keeps Digging: Censors President Again

After “fact-checking” presidential tweets on the problems with mail-in ballots - and getting their own “facts” wrong - Twitter responded with pure left-wing politics after the President signed an executive order that, in the words of Mediaite,  “institutes additional scrutiny on social networking sites and their policing of content, including false claims and political messaging.”

Twitter Fact-Checker a Hate Trumper

The, uh, rather large problems here? First, mail-in voting fraud is decidedly NOT unsubstantiated. It doesn’t take long to find two separate, quite reputable stories reporting that there is indeed a very real, very substantiated problem with mail-in voting fraud.

Pity Party: Only 55% of Democrats Think Biden Best Candidate To Run Against Trump

Just The News Daily Poll with Scott Rasmussen report that just “55% of Democrats think Joe Biden is their strongest 2020 White House candidate to run against President Trump.”

China Wants It’s ‘Biden Buddy’ In The White House

One place where President Trump has remained unshakably strong is with relations to China. Trump understood the economic national security ramifications of dealing with China long before COVID-19 swept the globe.

Trump Tasks U.S. Intelligence Agencies to Investigate WHO Hiding Pandemic Intel

President Trump wants to know just how culpable the World Health Organization is when it comes to the outbreak and spread of COVID-19.

Trump Confident Coronavirus Linked to Wuhan Lab

Although President Trump would not elaborate on the source of his evidence, he appeared confident the coronavirus can be directly linked to a lab in Wuhan.

Australia Backs Trump on World Health Organization Critique

The World Health Organization is a UN agency, which in and of itself is a qualification for a money pit that provides little to no benefit for the world. Last week, President Trump threatened to withhold funds from the World Health Organization. During a press conference, Trump criticized the WHO for their slow response to the coronavirus crisis saying, “they could have called it months earlier.”

The Times Insanity: When Trump Tyranny Is Not Trump Tyranny

Let’s cut to the chase. The only reason for these two very different positions from the same Leftist State Media outlet is the same reason: Trump Derangement Syndrome

The Washington Post’s Latest Hannity Attack More anti-Fox, anti-Trump Propaganda

There it goes again. The Washington Post, in business these days to defend the ramparts of the Leftist State Media by attacking Fox News and President Trump, is at it again.

Latest news

BIDEN’S CRYSTAL BALL: ‘I’ll be dead and gone’ by 2020

Joe Biden predicted he wouldn’t make it past 2019, let alone be around long enough to run in the 2020 election. While addressing a Michigan Law School audience in April 1991, then-Senator Joe Biden was trying to emphasize the long-lasting power of the federal judicial body.

BLM Website Hoped No One Noticed They Deleted The Call For The Destruction Of The Nuclear Family

Black Lives Matter’s “what we believe' page has gotten enough scrutiny that it now appears Black Lives Matter may possibly consider it something of a liability and has taken it down.

FBI Foils SC Man’s ‘Netflix Worthy’ Terror Attack On U.S. Soil In Name Of ISIS

The FBI has foiled plans of a South Carolina man to conduct terrorist attacks on American soil on behalf of ISIS.

Feinstein, Schumer: Catholics Need Not Apply

Catholics Need Not Apply. Anti-Catholic bigotry in the Democratic Party is back in vogue. Once upon a time, anti-Catholic bigotry once ran rampant in the...

Joe Biden: The Most Corrupt Vice President In American History

As a new Senate report illustrates, and a small tidal wave of books and articles make clear, Biden stands out as the most corrupt vice president in American history. Considering that the country has had 48 vice presidents, that’s saying something.
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