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Trump Warned of Virus in State of the Union: MSNBC Compared to “Big Lie” Propaganda

When presented with the fact that the devastating coronavirus had arrived in America - a virus that was going to kill Americans - not one of them gave a damn.

The Media’s China Problem

Well isn’t this interesting.  Sunday night on Mark Levin’s Fox TV show Life, Liberty and Levin, Mark hosted The Hudson Institute’s Chinese strategy director...

Dr. Fauci gets fed up with CNN

Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases at the National Institutes of Health, calls out CNN host Brianna Keilar for a question about touching the same mic as President Donald Trump, saying: “let’s get real here.”

Liberal Media’s Xenophobic Coronavirus Coverage

Earlier this week, CNN’s Jim Acosta stated that President Trump's oval office address to the nation seemed “xenophobic.” This liberal talking point was then repeated countless times by other members of the fake news media, as well as Democratic representatives.

Jim Acosta Condemns Trump for Saying What Jim Acosta Said

Hello? When President Trump finished his address to the nation, my former CNN colleague Jim Acosta came on to say this to CNN host Chris Cuomo

Dem Rep: Biden Will Listen to Medicare For All

Congresswoman Debbie Dingell (D-MI 12th District) told CNN that she believes Joe Biden will listen to her when it comes to “Medicare-for-all.”

Bo Snerdley Challenges CNN on Bogus Rush Limbaugh Racism Charge

There they go again. And this time, Bo Snerdley has had enough. In the post State of the Union speech CNN coverage, there was CNN’s...

Don Lemon Re-Elects The President

Amazing.  CNN anchor Don Lemon may have just singlehandedly re-elected the President. By now the video clip has gone viral. If you missed it because...

CNN Settles Lawsuit by Covington High School’s Nick Sandmann

With all eyes on Iran, there is one piece of other news that should not be ignored.  Here’s the headline from Fox 19 in...

Latest news

If Elected, A Biden Impeachment and Special Prosecutor Over The NY Post Stories?

Recall.  President Donald Trump was impeached for a phone call to the President of Ukraine in which, falsely claimed Democrats, he asked the Ukrainian leader to take action that would benefit Trump politically.

Document Obtained Allegedly Shows Biden Signature On Mac Repair Bill

Rumors are swirling around the Hunter Biden emails. Shifty Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA) went so far as to say their release is the work of ‘The Kremlin’ but recent documents obtained by Fox News might just unlock the truth.

University Of Minnesota Holds ‘12-Step Recovery’ Program For Whiteness

If you are white and feel very guilty about it, the University of Minnesota holds the answer to your distress.

Podcast: Social Media and the Lords of Censorship

Silicon Valley social media is run by left-wing operatives who float freely between from being Democrat operatives to Big Tech honchos or vice versa. They have one objective: Silence conservatives. Silence dissent. Silence President Trump. Shut down, in this case, any news that reflects negatively on Joe Biden. One way or another, thanks to conservative media - they will not get away with it.

Podcast: The Borking of Amy Coney Barrett

Trump’s nomination of Amy Coney Barrett creates a real problem for Democrats.
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