RFK Jr.: ‘Virtually All Democrats’ Want Biden To Prove His ‘Mental Acuity’ By Debating

This week, Democrat presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (RFK) said that “virtually all Democrats” want Democrat President Joe Biden to prove his “mental acuity” on the debate stage.

RFK made his remarks during a Wednesday interview on CNBC’s “Last Call” with Brian Sullivan.

“Make the case to the DNC for having a debate, one debate, between you, any other candidate, and President Biden in front of the American people to maybe assuage some concerns,” Sullivan said.

“I think that’s the point, there are a lot of misgivings among the vast majority of voters, Republicans and Democrats, about the president’s capacity and mental acuity,” RFK said, adding: “I think it is important for the president to have a debate, to show that he has the vigor, the mental acuity, and to put those misgivings aside for the American people.”

“Not only a debate, but have unscripted conversations with voters and do some retail politics,” he continued. “If he is going to have to debate President Trump, or whoever the Republican is, at some point — to say that he should sit on the couch — it’s like telling a prizefighter you’re going to prepare for the prize fight championship by sitting on a couch eating Chick-Fil-A. You need to be practicing and you need to be getting on your feet and making sure.”

RFK added that his campaign keeps pushing Biden to debate.

“The American people, even Democrats who don’t like me, particularly because they’ve been misled about what I believe, virtually all Democrats want to see a debate,” he said.

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