Rep. Jordan: Was Fauci ‘So Consumed’ With Shutting Down Lab Leak Theory Because He Paid For The Lab?

Jim Jordan

During a Fox News interview on Sunday, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, called out Dr. Anthony Fauci for his efforts to shut down the theory that COVID-19 leaked from a Chinese lab. Jordan suggested that Fauci was “so consumed” in his efforts to shut down the theory because the National Institutes of Health, under Fauci, funded the lab that likely leaked the virus.

“On the COVID issue, understand that on January 31, 10:32 p.m., 2020, so right at the get-go, Dr. Fauci gets an e-mail from Dr. Kristian Andersen which says virus looks engineered, virus not consistent with evolutionary theory,” Jordan said to host Maria Bartiromo. “The next day, he gets another e-mail from Dr. Garry. Now, these are doctors he’s handed out our tax dollars to over the years. Dr. Garry’s e-mail says: I don’t know how this happens in nature. It would be easy to do in a lab.”

“That same day, February 1, 2020, so, again, right at the start, that same day, Dr. Fauci organizes a conference call. Him and Dr. Collins get on there with Dr. Garry and Dr. Andersen and all these other virologists. They get on there. And, three days later, everybody changes their story,” he continued. “The same guy who said this would be easy to do in a lab says, oh, now you’re crazy if you think it came from a lab. The same guy that says, I don’t know how this — that this would — that this does — that looks engineered, he changes his story.”

“And then the kicker is, three months later, those same two doctors, Dr. Andersen and Dr. Garry, get a $7 million — a several-million-dollar grant from Dr. Fauci to continue their research,” he added. “So the fundamental question is, why was Dr. Fauci so consumed with making sure the narrative wasn’t about the lab? I think it’s because they were doing gain of function research there. He didn’t want that out. And that was the narrative that everyone on the left bought into, even though the facts and common sense, maybe most importantly, pointed to the lab leak theory.”

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