Pence, Trump Trade Shots Over January 6 Capitol Riot

Former President Donald Trump and his former vice president, Mike Pence, traded shots on Wednesday over the January 6 riot at the Capitol as they both seek to become the Republican Party nominee in 2024.

The exchange began after Pence attacked Trump during a Fox News interview with host Martha MacCallum while discussing the federal charges against Trump that were announced Tuesday over his alleged efforts to overturn the 2020 election. 

“But let’s be clear on this point. It wasn’t just that he asked for a pause. The president specifically asked me, and his gaggle of crackpot lawyers asked me to literally reject votes, which would have resulted in the issue being turned over to the House of Representatives,” Pence said. “And literally chaos would have ensued.”

Pence told people to read the indictment for themselves, but suggested that he had hoped the Trump would not face charges.

“I don’t know if the government can meet the standard, the burden of proof beyond reasonable doubt for criminal charges,” he said. “But the American people deserve to know that President Trump and his advisors didn’t just ask me to pause. They asked me to reject votes, return votes, essentially to overturn the election — and to keep faith with the oath that I made to the American people and to Almighty God, I rejected that out of hand, and I did my duty that day.”

Trump responded to Pence’s comments in a post on social media, writing, “I feel badly for Mike Pence, who is attracting no crowds, enthusiasm, or loyalty from people who, as a member of the Trump Administration, should be loving him.”

“He didn’t fight against Election Fraud, which we will now be easily able to prove based on the most recent Fake Indictment & information which will have to be made available to us, finally – a really BIG deal,” Trump continued. “The V.P. had power that Mike didn’t understand, but after the Election, the RINOS & Dems changed the law, taking that power away!”

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