NYC Mayor Eric Adams: We’re About To Have To Move People Into Tents, Illegal Immigrant Crisis Is ‘Unacceptable’

Over the weekend, Democrat New York City Mayor Eric Adams warned that the flood of illegal immigrants into his city is “unacceptable” and that the city may be forced to move the illegal immigrants into tents for shelter. 

Adams made his comments during an interview with MSNBC’s Jonathan Capehart on Sunday. 

“Some Republican leaders initiated this crisis by busing migrants in Democratic-led cities like New York. And now, they’re using it for a more political gain by highlighting your critical comments of the president. Do you have any trepidation about the political fallout New York Democrats may face in 2024 if this crisis isn’t mitigated?” Capehart asked. 

“ I had a conversation yesterday with Congressman Jeffries, the minority leader of the Democratic Party, the Democratic congressional delegation, and he was clear as well,” Adams responded. “We know how severe this issue is to not only the City of New York, but the State of New York. New York City is the economic engine of this entire state. And we need a decompression strategy in the state, as well as in the city. And I am elected for one purpose, and that is to protect the people of New York City.”

“And this is impacting the amazing recovery we witnessed after COVID,” he continued. “Economic recovery, returning to jobs, making our city safer, and decrease in serious violence, watching our children return to school with a new mission and goal, all of these successes are going to be hampered by what we’re about to experience with the 5 percent cut, three times in a row, which is going to equal 15 percent, as well as just the infrastructure issue that’s going to come with this crisis.”

“We’re about to potentially have to move women and children to sleep — sleep in congregate settings, outdoors, in tents. This is unacceptable. This is not what our city stands for,” he added. 

Adams’ comments come as the border crisis that began under President Biden continues to worsen with illegal immigration in fiscal year 2023 on track to set a new record high

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