Left-Wing CBS Silences Talk Host Sharon Osbourne

Sharon Osbourne
Sharon Osbourne

The cancel culture lives at CBS.

Sharon Osbourne, a co-host of the CBS chat show The Talk – itself an answer to ABC’s The View – got in trouble for defending her friend Piers Morgan’s free speech. Morgan, a Brit and host of Good Morning Britain had all un-shirted you-know-what rain down on him because he had the nerve – the nerve! – to criticize the Dutchess of Sussex Meghan Markle. Morgan is a staunch defender of Queen Elizabeth and felt the infamous Oprah interview with Prince Harry and his American wife trashed both the Queen and the rest of the royal family.

But of course, the race card was instantly played in this drama because Markle is biracial. Morgan never referenced Markle’s race. He criticized what she did. Osbourne never mentioned her race either – but one of her co-hosts couldn’t resist playing the race card. Translation: to criticize Markle is racist.

What bunk.

CBS has shutdown the show at least until Tuesday while they “investigate.” Investigate? This was a live television show. Every word Osbourne said, none of it having to do with race, was seen by whatever millions watch the show.

Now Osbourne is being dragged through the inevitable cancel culture demand that she apologize, if not be forced to enter a re-education camp on what a liberal media outlet considers offensive.

One would think CBS is about broadcast television, but no. What CBS is really about – and CBS is far from alone in the media – is pushing a liberal agenda, beginning with political correctness, the handmaiden of the cancel culture.

Over there at The New York Post the paper’s editorial board recently took note of The Washington Post’s retraction of a story that lasted for days in the post-election period. The story completely misquoted a conversation between then-President Trump and a Georgia election official, with an audiotape of the conversation now surfacing that shows Trump never once said the words attributed to him by an anonymous source. The paper outright made-up quotes. Here’s The New York Post headline.

Washington Post correction tells a sordid tale of agenda-driven ‘journalism’

The editorial focused on exactly the real problem.

“Prestige papers are supposed to be better than this, but now their standards go out the window if it serves their partisan agendas.”


But alas, as the Sharon Osbourne saga illustrates, these liberal media outlets are all about their liberal agenda. On the surface, it always appears to be something else – a TV talk show in Osbourne’s case, a news story in the case of The Washington Post. But in fact the underlying issue is always to drive or protect the liberal agenda, silencing or canceling anyone who disagrees.

And in this moment any criticizing of Meghan Markle is verboten – or else. Osbourne wandered into this moment quite innocently with a defense of her friend’s free speech. But in a blink, her comment was racialized – and now, at least for a few more days – she and the show are off the air. Silenced. With Osbourne’s fate and that of the show hanging in the balance.

All of which is to say CBS, a legendary network begun in 1928, is now corrupted by the left-wingers who run it. They may have the titles of this or that corporate officialdom, but in fact they are left-wing activists. Who have now turned their sights on silencing Sharon Osbourne.

Disgraceful? Yes. But more than that – it’s dangerous.

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