Jeffrey Lord Appears On The Spectacle Podcast To Discuss Hunter Biden Plea Deal, Other Events

On Wednesday, Jeffrey Lord appeared on The Spectacle Podcast with host Scott McKay, contributing editor at The American Spectator, to discuss the unforgettable events that occurred over the last week. 

In the episode, the two discussed topics including: 

  • The disturbing string of verbal and physical gaffes by President Joe Biden and whether those signify a dangerous time for a country without a viable leader.
  • The sweetheart plea deal given to Biden’s son Hunter for at least some of his sizable string of criminal offenses, and whether this constitutes an abandonment of our justice system.
  • Former president Donald Trump’s Fox News interview with Bret Baier Monday night and the significance of his statements on his own indictment.
  • Foreign policy given the weakened state of the Biden administration.
  • And Juneteenth, and its importance – and the current state of the black community and its own leadership.

The American Spectator is a podcast hosted by Scott McKay, contributing editor at The American Spectator, and Melissa Mackenzie, publisher at The American Spectator. The podcast focuses on current events and hosts interviews with prominent figures in politics, media and culture.

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