Gov. Sununu Explains How GOP Voters Don’t Care About Indictments Against Trump

Donald Trump

Shortly after announcing he won’t be running for president in 2024, Republican New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu explained during an interview how Republican voters do not care about the indictments against former President Donald Trump.

Sununu made his comments during an interview with MSNBC host Jen Psaki, who formerly served as Democrat President Joe Biden’s press secretary. 

“According to a lot of legal eagles, we could see another indictment for Donald Trump soon,” Psaki said. “We know that the hush money indictment did not seem to change the dynamic. If anything, it seemed to help him in the polls. Do you think that any indictment, an indictment on issues around other indictments — could help other candidates?”

No, no! No, no no. Obviously, they don’t,” Sununu responded. “They absolutely don’t matter, no. These indictments, and if I may, accommodation of the media, you’re creating a ‘boy who cried wolf’ syndrome, right? What happened in New York was wrong. I mean it really was. They’re beating up on Trump for political reasons and everybody sees that. What happened with the Russian ‘collusion’ that never existed effectively exonerated the guy so he can play a victim card. You’ve all created a situation where, what kind of planet are we on where Donald Trump’s become the victim? Nobody believes it.”

“I have to stop you on there because we know very clearly that Putin and the Kremlin did intervene in our election in order to try to help Donald Trump back in 2016,” Psaki claimed without evidence. “So we know that is true. But you may think that they shouldn’t engage in this, as a messaging tool, because it’s not helpful to them. Is that what you’re saying?”

“Yeah, I’m not going to relitigate the Russian collusion nonsense,” Sununu responded, dismissing Psaki’s baseless claims. 

Sununu went on to explain how “nobody buys that any attack on Trump is anything but political. You’ve created, everyone has kind of created this scenario and he is playing it to the fullest. He is playing the violin strings better than anyone imagined, which is why his poll numbers, miraculously, are actually going up.”

“So these candidates are gonna have to get on the stage, talk about what they’re gonna do going forward. Every one of them has to call him out. If you’re not calling out Donald Trump for the non-Republican that he really is, for the mistakes he made in the past, then you don’t deserve to be on the stage. We’re not here to run for vice president, we’re not here to sell books,” he added.

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