Former Border Patrol Chief: Biden Paying Contractors Millions To Not Build Border Wall

(Photo by NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP via Getty Images)

During a Fox News interview on Tuesday, Rodney Scott, the former chief of the United States Border Patrol, revealed that the Biden administration has been paying contractors “almost $5 million a day” to not build the border wall.

“What were the instructions after the transition of administrations when it came to the wall?” Fox News anchor Bret Baier asked.

“So a presidential proclamation came out and it was a 60 day pause that is publicly available,” Scott said. “We’re supposed to do an in depth study and then come up with a plan going forward. As Border Patrol did its part, everything, that was done within about two weeks, several briefings later, there really had not been any decisions made, it went well beyond the 60 days. Many of those projects today are just still on hold. So we’re paying contractors, for a while it was almost $5 million a day between DOD and DHS.”

“Wait, $5 million a day to not build the wall?” Baier asked.

“To not build a wall,” Scott answered.

“There are stacks and stacks of border wall panels, there’s hundreds of miles of fiber optic cabling, there’s hundreds of cameras that were being installed with that, that are just sitting, there’s no action being taken,” Scott continued.

“So what do they say when the briefing is well, this really helps us, if we could just plug this in, if we could just finish this thing, what did they say?” Baier asked.

“We’re not building more wall. There’s no conversation,” Scott responded. “There’s no there’s no adult dialogue, if you will. It’s just it’s just a black and white decision. The administration said we’re not doing it. So we’re not doing it. That money is just trickling away to those contractors for not doing work each day.”

The news comes amid record high levels of illegal immigration which is expected to surge even higher in October. According to NBC News, the Biden administration is preparing for a potential surge of up to 400,000 migrants would be nearly double the 21-year record broken in July, when over 210,000 migrants illegally crossed the southern border.

“On a call this week with senior Department of Homeland Security officials, Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas asked whether the department was prepared for a worst-case scenario in which 350,000 to 400,000 migrants cross the border in October, according to two DHS officials familiar with the conversation,” NBC News reported. “The two DHS officials stressed that the estimate is not based on internal intelligence or calculations, saying it is meant to prepare the agency for what could be an overwhelming number of migrants who cross if a court order that lifts the Covid restriction, known as Title 42, takes effect at the end of the week, as is possible.”