Former Border Patrol Chief: Southern Border Is ‘Wide Open’

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During a Fox News interview on Wednesday, Rodney Scott, the former chief of the United States Border Patrol, warned that the Biden administration has “shut down” many of the systems being used to secure the southern border and that the border is now “wide open.”

“So after all your years, I mean, how would you describe the importance of border security?” Fox News anchor Bret Baier asked.

“It’s just like your home,” Scott said. “If you do not know who’s coming into your home, you have no security. If we can’t control and know who’s coming into this country, we don’t have any homeland security. And the most frustrating part was that for my career, for the vast majority of my career, we were making significant progress. We’re making smart investments, we’re getting better and better control of the border, our confidence level, and being able to say we knew who and what crossed, it was not 100%.”

“But it was getting significantly better than ever before,” Scott continued. “And it allowed us to make calculated risk decisions on behalf of Americans. We knew who the organizations were bringing them, and we had a higher confidence level of what type of a risk would they be if they crossed in this area where they’re trying to evade arrest, higher probability that they’re actually criminal aliens or their narcotics smugglers. We were investing in technology systems that use artificial intelligence to help us with that as well.”

“All that has been shut down,” Scott explained. “And all effort has been refocused on expediting the processing speed of the massive amounts of illegal aliens that are coming into the country today. That should matter because if I can’t tell you who crosses through an Nogales, or a McAllen or a San Diego, they are going to end up in your community.”

“So in that case, it is fairly open?” Baier asked.

“No, the border is wide open right now,” Scott answered. “Border Patrol is well beyond what I would call task saturation. They are so overwhelmed.”

Scott’s warning comes as illegal immigration levels have continued to be at record high levels since March, and as the Biden administration prepares for illegal immigration to surge even more. According to NBC News, the Biden administration is expecting potential surge of up to 400,000 migrants in October which would be nearly double the 21-year record broken in July, when over 210,000 migrants illegally crossed the southern border.

“On a call this week with senior Department of Homeland Security officials, Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas asked whether the department was prepared for a worst-case scenario in which 350,000 to 400,000 migrants cross the border in October, according to two DHS officials familiar with the conversation,” NBC News reported. “The two DHS officials stressed that the estimate is not based on internal intelligence or calculations, saying it is meant to prepare the agency for what could be an overwhelming number of migrants who cross if a court order that lifts the Covid restriction, known as Title 42, takes effect at the end of the week, as is possible.”

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