Cruz Slams Bud Light Over Trans Controversy: ‘Just Stay Out Of Politics’

(Photo by Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images)

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) has responded to Bud Light’s controversial decision to partner with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney in a marketing campaign, suggesting that the company has “decided that their customers are idiots.”

Cruz made the remarks during an episode of his podcast “Verdict” this week.

“It is an amazing phenomenon how woke corporations have decided that their customers are idiots, that they look down on their customers,” Cruz said.

“We’re seeing big business after big business embrace the radical left, embrace a left-wing agenda in this case someone who’s transgender, put them forth as the spokesperson for Bud Light,” he said. “When I saw this whole thing, my first thought was, ‘Have they ever met a typical Bud Light drinker?’”

Cruz said that the employees in the company’s advertising department were “not interested in what their customers want” and that they just “want to be praised on Twitter.”

“By the way we saw this with the NFL. The NFL likewise looks down on the typical fan who goes to an NFL game,” Cruz continued. “And I gotta say it’s making people pissed off. What’s interesting is the backlash in a lot of instances, it seems that the right is not very good at boycotts. And so companies feel they can do this with impunity. This Bud Light issue is getting some real traction it seems to me. And the phrase, ‘Go woke, Go broke.’ Listen, I think this has gone beyond just Twitter to people saying, ‘You know what, there are other beers on the market.’”

Cruz went on to say that he hopes the boycotts of Bud Light will serve “as a warning to other companies.”

“Just stay out of politics. Just sell your damn beer,” Cruz added. “Like you don’t have to have a view on transexuals one way or the other. Like, why does a beer company need to get engaged on that? … But for Bud Light, it is hard to imagine the ad exec said, ‘This! This is really tapping into our demographic!’”

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