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The Assault on Fox News

The fact of the matter is that the liberal media’s abysmal performance over the course of the Trump candidacy and White House has been nothing less than an all-out assault on facts and truth.

Censorship Gone Wild: Facebook Censors…ME

This sudden surge of highly political censorship by Facebook, eight messages in 50 minutes (!!), is on the face of it (no pun intended) both wrong and dangerous to free speech. And if this is happening to me - who else had this happen in the last day or so?

The Liberal Media Pandemic

When all is said and done here, the Leftist State Media is going to pay a price - particularly in cable land - with their ratings. And a big price. This entire virus episode, like the impeachment and Trump-Russia collusion coverage that preceded it is yet another massive, self-inflicted blow to the liberal media’s credibility.

Liberal Media’s Xenophobic Coronavirus Coverage

Earlier this week, CNN’s Jim Acosta stated that President Trump's oval office address to the nation seemed “xenophobic.” This liberal talking point was then repeated countless times by other members of the fake news media, as well as Democratic representatives.

Jim Acosta Condemns Trump for Saying What Jim Acosta Said

Hello? When President Trump finished his address to the nation, my former CNN colleague Jim Acosta came on to say this to CNN host Chris Cuomo

President Trump Thanks Jeffrey Lord During CPAC Speech

During President Trump's rousing speech at CPAC this past weekend, he gave a shout out to a special guest in the audience who he...

Twitter Suspends 70 pro-Bloomberg accounts for ‘platform manipulation’

A novel strategy used by the Bloomberg campaign in which a large number of Twitter accounts would push out identical messages — hasn't gone they way Mayor Mike had planned.

Why Rush Limbaugh’s Continued Presence On The Radio Is Such A Big Deal

Earlier this month I wrote the column below when it was announced that Rush Limbaugh had signed a new contract. The news was, I...

WATCH: Justice Roberts was NOT Amused by Question from Elizabeth Warren

Chief Justice John Roberts seemed visibly annoyed when Elizabeth Warren asked a question during President Trump's impeachment trial yesterday that referenced him and questioned...

Don Lemon Re-Elects The President

Amazing.  CNN anchor Don Lemon may have just singlehandedly re-elected the President. By now the video clip has gone viral. If you missed it because...

Latest news

Facebook, Twitter Pull Accurate Trump Quote On Children And Virus – The BBC Contradicts Them Both

Facebook took down a post by U.S. President Donald Trump, which the company said violated its rules against sharing misinformation about the coronavirus.

Angry NY Times Targets Conservative Media

New York Times reporter Jeremy Peters, as noted here at NewsBusters,  “has developed a beat of targeting conservative media." The latest attack from Peters in the Times is headed this way.

Revolutionary Communist Party USA Boss Endorses Biden

The head of the Revolutionary Communist Party USA is backing Joe Biden for President.

Twitter Is Killing Sports

The “woke” wave that has become a staple of the American Left has been damaging all sorts of American institutions from journalism to the police to the once routine of peaceful protests.

NBA’s Jonathan Isaac Stands Alone During National Anthem, Jersey Sales Skyrocket Second To LeBron

A powerful image emerged from the NBA just before the weekend. During the national anthem of Friday’s game between the Orlando Magic and Brooklyn Nets, one player stood out and the country is thanking him for it. Orlando Magic forward Jonathan Isaac was the first NBA player to stand during the national anthem.
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