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Plantation Massa Joe Biden

Every once in a rare while, the stage masks behind which Democrats hide drop - and reality appears. So it was this week when former Vice President Joe Biden beamed into radio’s Charlamagne tha God from his basement.

Media, Dems Gave A Pass When Obama Fired IG for Investigating His Friend

The double standards from the Leftist State Media and today’s Democrats are always rich with hypocrisy.

Hypocrite CNN Journalist Removes PPE Mask After Questioning Trump

CNN White House correspondent and Trump adversary Kaitlan Collins is the latest example of liberal’s favorite ‘do as I say, not as I do’ mantra.

NBC’s Chuck Todd Caught Deceptively Editing Barr Interview

In other words, the NBC audience was deliberately deceived as to what the Attorney General had said.

Hannity, Journalism and The Vindication of General Flynn

Those comments from CNN and MSNBC and others illustrate vividly, these journalistic outlets were not merely anti-Trump - they were obsessed with not doing their job. When it came to Trump-Russia collusion they had an agenda - and that agenda had nothing - nothing - to do with getting the facts or the truth.

Mediaite In Bizarre Defense of Adam Schiff and an Attack on Greg Gutfeld

So over there at Mediaite, having the nerve to speak the truth is bizarre? Got it.

The New York Times Steps In It – Again

A week can’t go by at this point without The New York Times stepping in it - and sending the message that they are no longer a newspaper at all but rather a highly partisan Democratic Party campaign handout.

Time To Abolish The National Labor Relations Board

In a direct violation of the Constitution, the NLRB is using its power to abridge both Ben Domenech’s freedom of speech and abridge -harass -his constitutional right to publish The Federalist.

Ex-NY Times Editor Blasts Paper

The Kuntz column is an eyeopening look (if any more are needed) of just how ideological the paper has become, totally polluting its once solid reputation as “the paper of record.”

Tara Reade: Unseal The Biden Senate Records

We know the answer to that question now. The answer - as judged by the media doing its studied best to ignore Tara Reade after insisting on volumes of coverage for Kavanaugh accuser Dr. Christine Blasey Ford - is crystal clear. The media’s objective is to protect Joe Biden. So, there is no demand to unseal the hidden Biden records.

Latest news

Hypocrite of Health: De Blasio Bans Large Events Except BLM Protests, Results in Increased Gun Violence

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is putting his foot down for the safety of the city’s citizens. Except it’s all nonsense.

Mark Levin Nails It On Hannity

Mark Levin appeared on Hannity Thursday night and in his inimitable style knocked it out of the park.

Lt. Colonel Vindman: A Deep State Retirement

The Washington Post headlined the story this way: Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman retires, citing a campaign of ‘bullying’ and ‘retaliation’ by Trump after impeachment testimony The...

Ep. 3 They want to silence us, but we will not be silenced

In 2014, I began to notice a disturbing movement that had begun to appear on the American scene in various incarnations, I called it the New American Fascism.

Oregon Candidate Takes Advantage of Politically Correct Times; Writes ‘Anonymous’ Racist Letter to Himself

Jonathan Lopez, an Umatilla County commissioner candidate in Oregon received an anonymous, hate-filled racist letter in his mailbox. Lopez chose to take the moral high road saying he had “no resentment for whomever wrote this.” Likely Lopez was quick to forgive “whomever” because he wrote the letter to himself.
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