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Speaker Nancy Antoinette: Let Them Eat Gourmet Ice Cream

There is the very wealthy Speaker of the House, closeted in her very expensive San Francisco mansion, giving a tour of the freezer in her very expensive refrigerator to showcase for the cameras her hoarded stash of very expensive gourmet ice cream, available to the peasants for a piddling $12 bucks a quart.

Elon Musk Fights Back At CNN False Reporting; Is Surprised Network ‘Still Exists’

When reporting on a story it’s pertinent to get facts right. Particularly so if you are going to battle up against a mogul such as Tesla CEO Elon Musk; one of the few capable of defending himself against misinformation. That’s exactly what happened to CNN. Their lackadaisical fact-checking “journalism” has finally caught up to them.

Coronavirus Stimulus Checks Being Sent to the Deceased

Even when the best intentions are present, we cannot rely on government-run programs, relates to the coronavirus stimulus checks. Proof? The coronavirus stimulus checks are being sent to dead people.

Michiganders Resist Virus Lockdown

Hundreds of cars, trucks and SUVs descended on Michigan’s state capital Wednesday afternoon as part of a noisy protest against Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s social-distancing restrictions that critics say have gone too far.

Australia Backs Trump on World Health Organization Critique

The World Health Organization is a UN agency, which in and of itself is a qualification for a money pit that provides little to no benefit for the world. Last week, President Trump threatened to withhold funds from the World Health Organization. During a press conference, Trump criticized the WHO for their slow response to the coronavirus crisis saying, “they could have called it months earlier.”

The Times Insanity: When Trump Tyranny Is Not Trump Tyranny

Let’s cut to the chase. The only reason for these two very different positions from the same Leftist State Media outlet is the same reason: Trump Derangement Syndrome

China Deleting Pages and Clamping Down on Coronavirus Research

It’s no secret China has desperately attempted to control the narrative on all things relating to the Wuhan coronavirus. Professor Steve Tsang, director of the SOAS China Institute in London, discusses the importance the Chinese government places on perception.

The Briefings Unmask The Liberal Activist Media

These are not journalists. They are left-wing, highly politicized activists. They cannot abide the President and even more they cannot stand his supporters.

Nevada Professor Gives Ridiculous Guidelines on Fighting “Coronavirus Racism”

A University of Nevada-Reno professor offered advice on what to do after hearing the phrase "Chinese virus"

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio Says Coronavirus Restrictions May Last Until June

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio cautioned that social distancing restrictions may need to be tightened and extended until June to contain and prevent the outbreak from resurging, saying it’s going to be a “long, tough” April.

Latest news

Hypocrite of Health: De Blasio Bans Large Events Except BLM Protests, Results in Increased Gun Violence

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is putting his foot down for the safety of the city’s citizens. Except it’s all nonsense.

Mark Levin Nails It On Hannity

Mark Levin appeared on Hannity Thursday night and in his inimitable style knocked it out of the park.

Lt. Colonel Vindman: A Deep State Retirement

The Washington Post headlined the story this way: Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman retires, citing a campaign of ‘bullying’ and ‘retaliation’ by Trump after impeachment testimony The...

Ep. 3 They want to silence us, but we will not be silenced

In 2014, I began to notice a disturbing movement that had begun to appear on the American scene in various incarnations, I called it the New American Fascism.

Oregon Candidate Takes Advantage of Politically Correct Times; Writes ‘Anonymous’ Racist Letter to Himself

Jonathan Lopez, an Umatilla County commissioner candidate in Oregon received an anonymous, hate-filled racist letter in his mailbox. Lopez chose to take the moral high road saying he had “no resentment for whomever wrote this.” Likely Lopez was quick to forgive “whomever” because he wrote the letter to himself.
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