Biden’s Big Lie: ‘You’re Not Gonna Get COVID If You Have These Vaccinations’


Where are Biden’s consequences? For a party that is so militant about “misinformation” relating to COVID-19 and the vaccine, their President sure gets away with murder. At Biden’s CNN Town Hall event Wednesday evening in Cincinnati, Ohio, Biden said an absolute lie that is so dangerous and unethical to even allude to, let alone declare, it literally could cost people their lives.

But where is the outrage? Where is the desperation for ‘following the science?’ Where is Twitter, Facebook, mainstream media, Fauci and Congress to punish the President for his dangerous words? You guessed it, nowhere.

Biden actually said of COVID-19, “the various shots that people are getting now cover that. You’re ok, you’re not gonna get COVID if you have these vaccinations.” Someone needs to give this guy internet access to do a little google research.

He further cemented his statement by saying it is not a pandemic for those who are vaccinated. “We have a pandemic for those who haven’t gotten the vaccination. It’s that basic, it’s that simple” he said. “But for those who are vaccinated, “this is not a pandemic.”

Just in the past few days it has been announced that people from Biden’s own staff, as well as Pelosi’s, tested positive for COVID. They all claim to have been fully vaccinated. Biden’s press secretary, Jen Psaki even discussed it in a briefing, admitting there have been other “breakthrough cases” at the White House.

Additionally, there are claims that those staffers got COVID from Texas Democrats who fled their responsibilities in the state legislature to meet with the Biden administration. Reportedly all of the Texas Democrats were vaccinated, and over eight tested positive after their meetings in DC.


  1. There will never be any outrage from the Left about their own lies, especially when it involves Biden, their biggest lie of all!
    If the really cared about THE PEOPLE, they would actually listen to Our concerns, Our questions! They are the one responsible for this mess! Who, in their right mind, would give money to China, to their Infectious Disease Labs, knowing that the CCP, controls those labs and that the CCP stockpiles and uses Biological Weapons?!
    Fauci, can claim ignorance and stupidity all he wants, but Communist Governments have never cared about their People. Power and keeping that power is all they care about! Heck, if you knew nothing else, but, that the CCP kills their citizen’s, enslaved in gov’t camps, in order to harvest organs that can be sold for top dollar and match those receiving it perfectly, eliminating wait lists that are used by most Countries around the world, should tell anyone with half a brain, these are not the kind of people we should be funding, for anything!
    Does anyone, really believe that people like Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, the Clinton’s and a long list of other’s, really care about us?! We are the Deplorable’s! Their words, not mine! Pelosi can’t even be bothered, to get the names of people she is suppose to be championing, right! That should explain it all!

  2. We the People, means us the United States Citizens, and all you thieving lying pedophile protecting perverts that have been graced by being elected by “We the People”, remember you work for us as our servant in the government. period.

    These communist democrat cult members believe that the people work for their profit and pleasure and this dementia jo regime is violating all of our civil rights by disregarding the Constitution and Bill of Rights and need to be brought up on charges of TREASON against our government! period.

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