Biden Claims Debt Ceiling ‘Doesn’t Have A Damn Thing To Do’ With Budget

On Friday, President Biden inexplicably claimed that raising the debt ceiling “doesn’t have a damn thing to do” with the budget during a statement ahead of a meeting of the Council of Economic Advisors.

It should be noted that if Biden passed a budget that did not increase the debt of the federal government, then the debt ceiling would not need to be increased. 

“They are two separate issues, two. And let’s get it straight,” Biden claimed. “MAGA Republicans in Congress are threatening to undo all this progress by letting us quote, ‘default on the debt unless we agree to their demands.’ The two are totally unrelated.”

“Whether you pay the debt or not, doesn’t have a damn thing to do with what your budget is. What your budget is,” Biden rambled. “Where are you going to spend money? How are you going to raise the money? What are you going to cut? What are you going — that’s the. They are two separate issues, two. And let’s get it straight. They’re trying to hold the debt hostage to us to agree to some draconian cuts magnificently difficult and damaging cuts. But I’ll get into that in a little bit.”

“America’s debt is accumulated over 200 years. And my predecessor in the four years he was president increased to that total debt by 40 percent,” he added.

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